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125 years

Thursday, July 30, 1896

The reason we ask you to pay your account is because we need the money. If your account it due this means you. -Davis and McClary.

The Sabetha ball club plays the Hamlin team to-day but we go to press to early to publish the results of the game. Wetmore plays here to-morrow and Powhattan Saturday.

The Misses Hastings left Tuesday for a few weeks’ visit with friends at Seneca and Frankfort. The intend stopping here a few days on their return before leaving.

There is quite an interest manifested in the school meeting to be help this afternoon. The issue is not very clearly defined, but seems to be as a to a change of teachers in some of the departments.

If the trustees and the road overseers of Wetmore and Granada townships would come up and take a drive through Rock Creek and Berwick townships, we believe they would go home and make some roads.

The mayor of Fairview, according to the Enterprise, is quite active in “mowing the weeds and trimming the trees, greatly improving the looks of he town.” Here is a pointer for Mayor Kerr. If he would mow the weeds the looks of the town would be greatly improved, and nobody would object to having his salary doubled.

100 Years

Thursday, August 4, 1921

The biggest crowd yet was present at the Sycamore Springs Sunday. It is estimated there were 2,000 autos there. There are a large number of people camping there and the hotels are full. Mr. and Mrs. John Warfel and family spent the weekend with Hiawatha relatives.

Who got the wrong coat? Will the man who took in exchange my two button Double breasted Brown coat from Banks Pool Hall Sabetha July 4, please return the same and get his own back. I have a single breasted coat and it does not match my trousers, nor fit me. Please take my coat to Banks Pool Hall, or to me in Powhattan, or Phone me at Powhattan at my expense, and I will go for my coat and return his. Roy B. Crumb.

The Sabetha Campfire girls returned home Saturday afternoon after camping several days at the Sycamore Springs. They had a grand time; they were real thoughtful girls, too, even using up what sugar they had left over Saturday morning to make candy to save wasting it.

75 Years

Wednesday, July 31, 1946

Next Sunday the Sabetha cubs will play a benefit game on the home diamond for Chuck Garber, who snapped the bone in his upper arm in two while pitching here five weeks ago. Garber was able to leave the Sabetha hospital on Monday of last week after four weeks there under the care of Dr. Cecil Hunnicutt. Dr. Hunnicutt believes his arm will not be the worse for the break, and that he may be able to pitch again before the season is over. He attended the Humboldt game last Sunday.

Warren E. Mettlen tendered his resignation as mayor of the city of Sabetha at the meeting of the commissioners Tuesday afternoon, effective at the close of the meeting. The resignation was accepted by the other two commissioners, Melvin Deaver and William Worwag. Reasons given by Mr. Mettlen were that his work as a city official has become too demanding on the time which he owes his work as manager of the Farmers Cooperative Elevator.

Total milk production in Kansas was 3,061,000,000 pounds in 1945, some 100,000,000 pounds less than the year before. Larger quantities of straight milk and cream were sold last year, with less than usual going into production of butter. The Kansas average production of butter in a ten-year period, 1934-1943, was 74,302,000 pounds. Last year it dropped to 52,384,604 lbs.

50 Years

Thursday, August 5, 1971

The proposed mill levy and budget for Sabetha Unified School District 441 is published in this issue of The Herald. The budget should come as a pleasant surprise to district property owners as the general operating levy shows a drop from 21.98 mills last year to 18.13 mills this year, a reduction of 3.85 mills. This, despite the fact that the total estimated expenditures for the coming fiscal year is up nearly $60,000 exceeding one million dollars for the first time. The estimated general fund levy this year is $1,016,792,000 compared to $957,876.46 last year.

Holton Recorder – Selective System executive secretary Reeva Plummer, who manages Jackson County’s local board in Holton, says the current congressional impasse over extending the induction authority has created great uncertainty among area draft-age men.

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Grimm and daughter Jamie Jo, Mrs. Wilbur Grimm, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Wikle, Mr. and Mrs. Gene Shanahan were Sunday afternoon guests of Mrs. George Wikle. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Wikle of Fairview were Sunday evening callers in the Wikle home.

25 Years

Wednesday, July 31, 1996

The Sabetha Community Preschool will start its 25th year serving area parents and their children. Board member Linda Orton said the preschool first opened for the 1972-73 season in response to community demand. At that time, it was the only preschool in Sabetha. And although the preschool has changed its location from the top floor of the library, to the Armory to its present location in the Sabetha Community Center, it hasn’t changed its mission of preparing preschoolers for school.

Is a school site council just a public relations trick designed to make a community feel good about education? Or is it truly a boost to public schools? The new administration of USD 441 believes in the worth of the councils. Superintendent Rod Allen and Asst. Superintendent Dennis Stones are convinced that site councils are a district asset and may become even more valuable in years to come. Site councils were created in 1992 by the legislature as part of its adoption of the Quality Performance Accreditation System (QPA). That new system was a response to concerns about public schools. In the four years since, the system has been praised and pooh-poohed.

With all necessary documents and bonds in place, the Sabetha City Commission officially entered into a contract with Herrmann Earth Moving to construct the new southwest sewer district. The commission voted to execute the contract after Ted Hayden, city administrator, said all the legal necessities have been met. The commission also approved a change order that will finish the configuration of the sewer district.

Yalana Lee Schuette, Sabetha, and Michael Wayne Edelman, Sabetha, were united in marriage May 25, 1996, at the First Lutheran Church in Sabetha. Rev. Reed Stockman officiated the double ring ceremony. Yalana is the daughter of Darrell and Sue Schuette, Sabetha. Michael is the son of Wayne and Linda Edelman, Sabetha.

10 Years

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Nemaha County Sheriff Rich Vernon and his department are investigating a burglary at the Bern school. The break-in occurred between 9:45 a.m. last Thursday, July 21, and 6:45 a.m. Friday, July 22, Sheriff Vernon said. According to Sheriff Vernon, a person or persons entered the school and took numerous items that belong to the school and to private residents of the area who had personal belongings at the school.

Following at least two weeks of high temperatures with most days exceeding 90 degrees, the thermometer on the United Bank and Trust facility in Sabetha registers 104 degrees at 1:44 p.m. Saturday afternoon, July 23, and rises to 109 degrees by 5:05 p.m., despite a brief rain shower Friday evening, July 22, that temporarily cooled the area. Thunderstorms Saturday night and Sunday morning brought more much-needed rain, reported to measure from one inch to more that one-and-a-half inches over the area. The thunderstorms also gave welcome, though temporary, relief from the heat dome. Another thunderstorm Sunday night brought an additional half inch or more, with some locations reporting more than an inch.

Farmer owners of the Sabetha Farmers Cooperative, with locations in Sabetha and Humboldt, Neb., approved on Monday, July 18, the cooperative’s sale to Ag Partners Cooperative based in Hiawatha.

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