Prairie Hills USD No. 113 Board of Education 08.09.2021

The Prairie Hills USD No. 113 Board of Education (BOE) met at 6 p.m. Monday, Aug. 9, at the Sabetha Middle School (SMS) commons area. Board members present were Ed Reznicek, Kathy Lippert, Jim Scoby, Leslie Scoby, Kent Saylor, Ann Shaughnessy and Stan Keim.

The board adopted the agenda as amended.

The board approved the consent agenda as amended, including the following: minutes from the July 12 regular board meeting; minutes from the July 22 special board meeting; August bills for the amount of $1,015,496.23; July payroll and July non-lump sum for the amount of $526,635.12; payment of $3,843.83 from Contingency Fund for Civium Professional Services through July 31, 2021; approve Kansas broadband contract; approve gift of $43,350.44 for Sabetha High School (SHS)/SMS musical instruments from the Sabetha community and the Kent and Donna Saylor USD 113 Sabetha School Fine Arts Support Fund; resignations of Mitchell Engelken as Axtell Social Studies teacher, Lesha Koch as Sabetha Elementary School (SES) MTSS teacher, Dee Kramer as SES Instructional Support Staff (ISS), Adam Maas as Wetmore High School (WHS) girls’ basketball coach, Harlan Suther as WHS girls’ basketball coach, Ann Kasiska as USD 113 Accounts Payable and Malerie Manche as SMS girls’ basketball coach; contracts with Bruce Gunter as Axtell Social Studies teacher, Lyssia Johnson as SES Kindergarten teacher (contract is contingent upon Hiawatha’s acceptance of her resignation), Devon Johnson as SES ISS, Jim Plattner as Baileyville/Sabetha Western Driver, Cindy Wiltz as SES PLC Leader, Jennifer Herrmann as SES SIT, Lesha Koch as half-time SES ISS, Wilma Tyler as half-time SES ISS, Jayson Tynon as Axtell Junior High football coach, Jayson Tynon as Axtell High School head track coach and Ty Davis as Wetmore Academic Center HCC (Western Center) Driver; appoint Jennifer Gatz as the District Title IX Coordinator; and approve bus rate for non-district trips at $1.82 per mile for District Paid Driver and $1.55 per mile for District Volunteer Driver.

L. Scoby expressed her appreciation for Saylor and his wife for their gift to USD 113.

The board received written reports from building administrators David Glynn, Rusty Willis, Matt Garber, Rick Schnacker and Alana Seddon, as well as Assistant Superintendent Jennifer Gatz.

Gatz reported on the Strategic Plan and how things are going with Greenbush. She also said she’s working on some surveys to be sent out to parents, staff and students.

Superintendent’s Report

Superintendent Evans reported on year-to-date expenses and other topics as follows:

Axtell Field: Evans received a letter from Axtell about USD 113 paying a fee of $125 to use Axtell’s facilities for football games. Evans believes the use of Axtell’s facilities is worth the cost involved.

COVID: Evans shared with the board some information about COVID-related protocols for this school year. He talked about the CDC releasing a mask order that states masks will be required in transportation hubs and on public transportation, which would include school buses. Much discussion was held between Evans and the board. At the end of the discussion, Evans agreed to send a letter to the Kansas Attorney General to learn if the Federal order has jurisdiction in USD 113. More about this story can be found in the Aug. 11 issue of The Sabetha Herald.

Remote Learning: Evans shared information about a new law regarding remote learning. Students will only be allowed 40 hours of remote learning, but if a child is absent for longer than that due to illness, injury, etc., then the local board of education can exempt the student. If that happens, though, the board will have to report this to the Kansas State Board of Education.

Remodel/Construction Scope

Two Civium architects were present at the meeting to present the scope of the remodel/construction projects to be done to SES, Wetmore Academic Center and Axtell Public School. One architect explained their schedule for the project and showed 3-D pictures of what their designs will look like at SES. The architect also presented estimated prices for three different plans: Plan A, B and C. Plans B and C have secondary options as well. After some discussion between the board and the architects, the board voted to approve Plan C option 2 for the construction plan at SES – option 2 making the library and music room as storm shelters with the addition of a gym and 3-1/2 classrooms. The board approved Plan C option 2 with six in favor and J. Scoby opposed. More about this story can be found on page 1 of this week’s Herald.

Lease Purchase

Evans recommended approving a $2.4 million lease purchase at 3 percent for five years in order to cover some costs of the construction projects. The board approved the lease purchase with all in favor.

Code 99

The Code 99 document will raise the mill levy on the USD 113 budget. The board approved Code 99 for publication with six in favor and J. Scoby opposed. See public notice on page 6 of this week’s Herald.

Also at the meeting:

The board approved the Revenue Neutral document for publication with all in favor.

The board also approved the 2021-22 Negotiated Agreement with Prairie Hills Education Association, with changes to be made in the Appendix section of the document, with all in favor.

Board members went into a five-minute executive session for intent of discussion of personnel matters for the allowed purpose of discussion of non-elected employees. Present for the executive session were the board members and Evans. No action was taken following the executive session.

For more information, view the Superintendent’s report at

The next regularly scheduled meeting will be held at 6 p.m. Monday, Sept. 13.


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