COVID-19: Vaccine, testing clinics continue statewide with emergence of Delta


With the increased presence of the Delta variant, the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) said that many health departments, providers and community groups will continue to hold free COVID-19 vaccine and testing clinics. The emergence of Delta poses a dangerous risk to communities across Kansas.

Free testing is available to all Kansans, regardless of vaccination status and even if you have been tested before. According to the CDC, Delta is twice as infectious as the B. 117 variant, which was previously dominant. Delta appears to be spreading most quickly in communities that have the lowest vaccination rates. Over the last few weeks, nearly all patients who died of COVID-19 were unvaccinated. KDHE says to continue to social distance and wear masks while around unvaccinated people and get tested if you have symptoms or have possibly been exposed.

County Variant Statistics

KDHE report 28 specimens sequenced with 11 variants of concern detected in Brown County. This is three up from last week. There are now two alpha variants and nine delta variants. In Nemaha County, KDHE reports 33 specimens sequenced with 30 variants of concern detected. This is two up from last week. There have been eight alpha variants and 22 delta variants.

State Variant Statistics

With 6,867 specimens sequenced, KDHE reports that 4,299 are variants of concern — up from 3,989 variants of concern last week. Variants of interest remains at 52. Ninety-nine Kansas counties are now reporting variants. This is seven more than last week.

Stay Informed/Call Ahead

If you are sick, call your healthcare provider before arriving to their facilities. Call any clinics or hospitals for restriction updates.

Stay informed at,, or check the NCCHS or Brown County Health Department Facebook pages for updates. Call NCCHS at 785-284-2152 for more information.



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