Local scam circulating

Submitted by John Merchant

The Brown County Sheriff’s Office has had several concerns over scam calls, wherein county residents are being contacted by phone and the caller is stating there is an issue with their Social Security payments and are urged to “Press 1” to continue. Then, a male states he is the “County Attorney” or “Kevin Hill” with a foreign sounding accent and that payment needs to be made immediately or legal action will occur.

Please be advised that the county attorney’s office is not involved in collecting social security overpayments and neither the county attorney’s office or the Social Security office will ever contact you by phone to demand payment.

The number that shows up on the caller ID is a 742 number, so people are believing it is a credible call. Remember, you can never trust the number that shows up on your caller ID. If you feel that you have been a victim of a scam caller, please contact your local law enforcement at once. 


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