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125 years

Thursday, September 17, 1896

A good many cattle are coming in now, to help eat up the immense amount of feed which will be on hand. R. B. Briney receives a hundred last Thursday, from Kansas City. On Friday John Hoover brought in two cars. Jack Payne two, and H. J. Hazellone, all from Kansas City. Saturday Jas. Partridge brought in two cars. Thousands of cattle will be needed here this winter, and we hope the farmers will manage to get them in by some means. The tightness of money is a serious hindrance, and it is to be hoped that after election it will be easier to get.

E. Keim moved into the R. C. Doolittle house on South Washington Avenue, Tuesday, Mr. Hargis having moved into Mrs. Stewart’s house. Mr. Keim’s children have been sick, but had recovered sufficiently to be moved.

The world famous Blind Boone concert company has been secured for a return engagement to Sabetha on Tuesday Sept. 29th. Boone is well and favorably known to the people of Sabetha and vicinity and he will no doubt be greeting with the usual crowded house.

There is considerable complaint about the sidewalks being obstructed on Saturdays by the crowds which gather around political expounders. This is a country of free speech and people have the undoubted right to discuss politics to their hearts’ content. The difficulty could be gotten over by adjourning to the park, where there is good shade and plenty of room, and people who have other matters in hand will not be annoyed and hindered.

100 Years

Thursday, September 22, 1921

The play and entertainment Friday night of the Scouts and Camp Fires is for the benefit of the small tots to buy books for them in the Library. The small tots’ shelves are almost bare of books, so rapidly do they devour everything put on them. It is up to the town to buy tickets for the show whether they can go or not. Only parents realize the immense value of the child’s department at the Library to the children. Sabetha is one town where children are never seen loafing on the streets, and the Library is largely responsible children in Libraries instead on streets is an asset to the community.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Derby are evidently home from Europe for the Topeka Capital says: Fred Derby, of the Derby Grain Co., will address the Rotary club at its regular noon luncheon tomorrow at the Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Derby recently returned from the International Rotary conference at Edinburgh, Scotland, where he went as a delegate.

A jury has been secured for the trial of Karnowski charged with the murder of Meyer at Centralia Meyer was brought to the Sabetha hospital after the shooting. Drs. Murdock, Dillingham and Wrightman were witnesses in the case Tuesday. They testified as to the course of the bullets and other facts concerning Meyer’s wounds.

75 Years

Wednesday, September 18, 1946

Some weeks ago the Sabetha senior Chamber of Commerce took action expressing its interest and approval of activity looking toward the establishment of a permanent municipal airport for Sabetha. More recently the Junior Commercial Club prepared a letter to the Sabetha city commissioners urging a bond issue for the purchase of an airport site and improvements and suggested a plan whereby government aid could be utilized under the Civil Aeronautics Authority program. The club offered cooperation in details of establishing an airport.

Milton Poland, who has been in the grocery business in Sabetha for 23 years has sold his store to Jesse Harmon and his sister, Miss Edna Harmon of Falls City, who are experienced grocers. Mr. Poland has made no definite plans but will not leave Sabetha. He will be in Topeka for the legislative session but does not known just what he will do in the mean time.

Several cases of infantile paralysis reported in Brown and Nemaha Counties in recent weeks all appear to be recovering satisfactorily.

50 Years

Tuesday, September 21, 1971

The Wetmore HIgh School Homecoming will be held September 24. The game starts at 7:30 and will be played against Axtell. Connie Eckert, Elaine Glissman, Janet Kranz and Sheryl Tillotson are the Homecoming candidates. The Homecoming dance with the Chessman Square will begin at 10:00 p.m. It will be held in the gymnasium. All alumni are invited.

Carol Bailey of Morrill, president of the Parent Teacher Organization for Unified District 441, announced this week that the organization was being disbanded. “There simply isn’t enough interest and enough people willing to work toward the success of the organization to continue,” Mrs. Bailey stated. Mrs. Bailey also served as PTO president last year.

A cheetah was timed at 71 miles per hour over 700 yards.

25 Years

Wednesday, September 18, 1996

As the state takes steps to reform the elderly Medicaid program, two Sabetha longterm care facilities continue their efforts to diversify the services traditionally offered in nursing homes. By 2005, there will be 84,000 people over 85 years of age in Kansas, an increase of 112 percent from today, the Kansas Division of Budget projects. Those increased numbers don’t translate into over-crowded nursing homes, however. The Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services has made a number of recent reforms designed to keep the elderly out of nursing homes. Too, nursing homes are actively looking for ways to expand beyond their walls to provide services to seniors.

The city of Sabetha is offering a $500 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those who damaged the shelter house at Sabetha Lake. Ted Hayden, city administrator, said the city is offering the reward because the level of damage went beyond mischievous damage. Not only did the vandals damage the roof of the shelter with a large rock, but also managed to pry the plywood roofing away from the rafters, Hayden said. “It’s flagrant,” he said. “It isn’t incidental. Somebody had to expel some energy to do this.”

With its sturdy design and innovative hay-saving features, Earnest and Lois Rumbaugh said the big-bale hay feeder they build and market never fails to make an impression when displayed at agricultural shows throughout the Midwest. The response of a young Nebraska man at a recent show in that state was typical, Lois said. The student at Curtis State (Nebraska) Agricultural College told the couple he was impressed.

10 Years

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bern High School students will crown two students as Homecoming King and Queen on Friday evening, September 16. Candidates are (L-R) Jessalyn Strahm, Darren Meyer, Kristin Haverkamp, Trevor Huffman, Amanda Haverkamp and Nick Wiers.

Wetmore High School’s Spring Creek Festival King and Queen candidates are (L-R) Dominique “Dom” Larkins, Kelsey Henry, Derek Henry, Jennifer Scott, Mitchell Sowers and Nichole Boden. The crowning will take place Saturday evening, September 17.


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