City approves fall burn dates

The Sabetha City Commission met at 6 p.m. Monday, Sept. 27, at Sabetha City Hall. Present for the meeting were Commissioners Maridel Wittmer, Julie Burenheide, Norm Schmitt and Nick Aberle, City Administrator Doug Allen, Assistant City Administrator Bill Shroyer, City Attorney Martin Mishler and Sabetha Police Chief Robert Wahwasuck. Cody Bletscher was the only guest present.

The commissioners approved fall burn dates from Tuesday, Sept. 28, until Monday, Dec. 6.

Police Report

Police Chief Robert Wahwasuck presented the commissioners his written report.


There have been nine dog calls since Aug. 19. One was for a dog at large, where city personnel or an officer responded to the area but could not locate the dog. One was for a dog at large, where city personnel or an officer responded to the area and impounded the dog. One was for a dog at large, where the owners were notified and they picked up the dogs. One was for dogs in an abandoned home, and an investigation was made and the report was unfounded. One was for a dog at large, where city personnel or an officer responded and the dog was known and returned to the owner with a warning. One call was for a neglected dog, where an officer responded and made contact with the owners. The owner quickly responded to the issues and the issue continues to be monitored. One call was for a loud barking dog, where an officer responded to the area and could not locate the barking dog. The last call was for abandoned dogs, and an officer responded and the dogs were impounded.


318 N. Ninth Street: Condemned structure, abate has begun with city crews clearing away trash so the structure can be demolished.

1322 Roosevelt Street: Junk vehicle, unfit structure, maintenance and repair, ready for resolution and abatement.

523 N. 14th Street: Unfit structure, ready for resolution and abatement.

216 S. 13th Street: Blight premise, junk vehicle, ready for resolution and abatement.

712 Dakota Street: Junk vehicle, abated by owner.

319 N. Ninth Street: Blight premise, health and welfare, animal confines, keeping of animals, maintenance and repair, the animals were removed and work continues.

401 Ohio Street: Junk motor vehicle, in process.

Grant Street Building: Notice served and ready for resolution and abatement.

711 Ohio, 314 S. Eighth Street, 139 Virginia Street, 117 Virginia Street, 113 Virginia Street, 103 Virginia Street, 1215 Virginia Street, 512 Main Street: Nuisance weeds, abated by owner.

205 S. 13th Street: Nuisance weeds, in progress.

516 Main Street: Junk motor vehicle, abated by owner.

409 Main Street: Weeds and household trash, abated by owner.


Wahwasuck said they are keeping an eye on what may come from the COVID-19 Delta variant strain and look to their leaders for guidance. Wahwasuck said the public should not be surprised if the department begins to take extra precautions in keeping everyone safe. Social distancing and masks is something they have become accustomed to at this point.

Officers continue heavy lake patrols and are making a presence at the lake.

There is still no crossing guard that has been hired. The department continues to assist with that duty when possible in the mornings.

One officer completed a 40-hour training course in Warrensburg, Mo.

The department has been unable to find a supplier of ammo. Wahwasuck reported that it is not as cheap as they wished it would be, but ammo has become generally expensive like many things have.

Officers have been making stops at local sporting events and assisted with breath alcohol checks prior to the homecoming dance.

Wahwasuck reported that it’s that time of year for employees to get vacations used up and they have been encouraging people to take time off, but they are anticipating a scramble for coverage of time, so people can get their hours used up.

Wittmer asked Wahwasuck about a boat that has been parked on Main Street and a red truck that has been parked for an extended period of time on Sixth Street. Wahwasuck said he would follow up on the boat.

Also at the meeting:

The commissioners approved the minutes from the Sept. 13 meeting.

The commissioners approved a wage resolution for EMS Lucas Linden.

The commissioners approved a wage resolution for Trenton Hartter for general services.

The commissioners went into a 15-minute executive session for non-elected personnel. Present for the executive session were the commissioners, Allen, Shroyer, Mishler and Wahwasuck. No action was taken following the executive session.

Also, the City of Sabetha has conducted a burnout of the water distribution system, which entails changing from a free chlorine to a combined chlorine. Now, they are going to flush the system and switch back to the combined chlorine. If there are any questions, call the city office at 785-285-2158.

The commissioners will meet again at 6 p.m. Monday, Oct. 11, at Sabetha City Hall.


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