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125 years

Thursday, October 1, 1896

Word comes that Willis Clough has recovered sufficiently to be moved from Chicago to his aunt’s at Monroeville, Ohio. We are sorry to hear that he will be badly crippled, having a stiff elbow, a stiff hip joint, and the breastbone pushed outward.

Miss Helen Brady is visiting this week with Pawnee friends. She intends going to Illinois, Oklahoma and Arizona during the next three months on short visits with relatives and friends, returning to her home in California in February. Miss Brady’s stay here has been a very enjoyable one for her many Sabetha friends, who only wish she might come oftener and stay longer.

Republicans should always ask themselves, when asked to vote for opposition candidates, if the opposition voters, in case they were in the majority, would be so accommodating. We do not know of a county where the opposition has a majority, in which Republicans are holding office. The rule never works that way.

Complaint comes to us that flowers and plants are being taken up and removed from graves and lots in the cemetery – stolen, in short. Any person would feel less outraged at any other form of theft. A person who will desecrate graves must be a moral monstrosity. We have not been told who the guilty parties are, though the complaints say they are known.

100 Years

Thursday, October 6, 1921

Hiawatha girls took a prize for a tatted baby dress. That is all right, the prize for tatting is just, but for the sake of the young mothers these girls may become eventually they are warned, it is cruelty to babies to put tatting on a baby dress.

One story of the “Listen to Me” play in Sabetha gives the date as October 8. It should be October 10. Remember the date for the big musical comedy in Sabetha is next Monday night, October 10. Don’t miss it.

Mrs. W. R. Guild was taken to Kansas City Monday, where she will undergo an operation in the Swedish hospital.

75 Years

Wednesday, October 2, 1946

A year ago the Nemaha Cooperative Creamery began production in the newly constructed milk plant. In September, the first month of operation, 184,348 pounds of milk were handled. In September of this year, the month just closed 1,250,000 pounds of milk were made into cottage cheese, whole milk and skim milk cheddar cheese by the milk plant.

Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Miller of St. Joseph have purchased the C. E. Washburn grocery store and will take charge at once. The stock is being invoiced now. The Millers have had considerable experience in food store work and Mrs. Miller has recently been connected with a grocery at Long Beach, Calif. Mr. Miller is a World War II veteran, was in service 16 months. They have a son, Gary, three years old. They are seeking housing accommodations in Sabetha. The Claude Washburns have operated a grocery in Sabetha for the past six years, but because of health problems, find it necessary to sell. They have always operated a good store and the Sabetha business district will be sorry to lose them. The Millers will hold a formal opening of their store soon.

The Sabetha city commissioners at their regular session Tuesday decided to present to Sabetha voters the proposition of whether or not the city should issue $30,000 in bonds for the purpose of constructing a municipal airport. The bond issue will be voted upon by a special ballot in the regular general election Tuesday, November 6. Including the bond vote in the regular election will save the city considerable expense over having a separate bond election.

50 Years

Tuesday, October 5, 1971

Resuming the draft after a three-month lapse, the Pentagon announced the new induction quota that will bring 1971 call-ups to the lowest annual total in nearly a decade. A Pentagon spokesman, Jerry W. Friedheim, said the call will cover inductions for October, November and December, and that this year’s draft total will end up below 100,000 men. The last time the draft fell below 100,000 was in 1962 when 76,500 men were drafted into the armed forces.

Folks visiting the Sabetha city lake over the weekend noticed a strange white bird. The bird was exceptionally large and one report was some black on it. No one is certain just what species of bird it was. The most reliable local authority, Bunce Palmer, is on vacation and so he didn’t see the bird. Andy Edelman, who also works at the filtration plant, thought perhaps it was a pelican since they have been known to stop here on occasion. The other two possibilities advanced are that the bird was the Great White Heron or perhaps the extremely rare Whooping Crane.

25 Years

Wednesday, October 2, 1996

Fifteen days after Mid-American Dairymen Inc. announced it was closing its Sabetha plant, personnel from the Kansas Department of Human Resources conducted a “rapid response” informational meeting at the plant. The purpose of the meeting was to explain to soon-to-be terminated workers the benefits available to them, said Cora Johnson Schloetzer, who heads the department’s rapid response program.

The Sabetha City Commission spent its meeting Monday considering a number of transportation issues. Sabetha residents can look forward to a two-day headache this month as a crew paves Main Street with needed new asphalt. Ted Hayden, city administrator, presented commissioners with two bids to lay a new micro-surface on Main Street from U.S. Highway 75 to 14th Street. Ballou Construction bid the job at $1.60 a square yard for a $40,597 total, and Vance Brothers bid $1.43 a square yard for a total of $36,283.36. However, it was Hayden’s recommendation that the commission accept the bid from Ballou Construction. He noted it could do the job in October where Vance Brothers wouldn’t be here until at least next spring. Too, from the city’s experience with both companies, Hayden said he felt sure Ballou would do a better job. The micro-surface Vance Brothers laid on Main Street four years ago was supposed to last six years, he said.

Long anticipated by area residents, the Nemaha County Transfer Station will open sometime in the next week. However, they shouldn’t expect the nearby facility to lower trash rates. Dennis Heermann, county engineer, said the facility will open as soon as the new scales are in operation. The scales were to be installed at the landfill two weeks ago, but rain made it too muddy for work to continue. The station’s final cost came to around $380,000. That included $304,000 to construct the building, $39,500 for the 70-feet scales and $35,555 for the trash compactor and two waste-hauling tubes.

10 Years

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Maridel Wittmer, owner of Village Sampler in Sabetha’s Main Street business district, is celebrating 30 years as a retail business owner. She owned Cardel’s, a women’s clothing store, at 911 Main on Oct. 1, 1981, then in 1995 transitioned to Village Sampler, which carries gift items, fresh flowers and plants. Wittmer married Carroll Wittmer in 1980, and the name “Cardel’s” came from combining portions of “Carroll” and “Maridel.”

Downtown Sabetha has a new face, Lindsey Reeves of “Photography by Lindsey Reeves.” For the past two years, Lindsey Reeves has been lugging her photography equipment in her car to photograph clients in their homes. When the space became available at 918 Main Street, she decided to make a move, literally.

Race for the Rescues and help raise funds to build a local animal shelter. The Community Animal Protection Society (CAPS) organization in Sabetha is planning a 5K run/walk on the north side of the Old Sabetha Lake, west of the shelter house, on Saturday, Oct. 15.

Sabetha Veterans of Foreign Wars Memorial Post No. 7285 receives a new paint job, with the colors of the United States Flag highlighting the parapet at the top. The painters stand proudly in front of the building and wave. Photographer and VFW member Dick Hughes reminds readers, “If you’re reading this, thank a teacher. If you’re reading this in English, thank a veteran!”


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