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125 years

Thursday, October 8, 1896

Married. Leslie Leeds and Miss Agnes Cronin were marries September 25, at the Haxton hotel parlors, by Rev. J. S. Ford. The bride is from Hiawatha. The marriage was a surprise to Leslie’s Sabetha friends, but all join in wishing the newly married paid long and happy lives. They will make their home at the Haxton hotel.

Will Arnold, Bert. Shepherd and Alva Brumbaugh ran up against the ordinance prohibiting jumping on and off moving trains Saturday, and it cosy them $2.50 apiece. The marshal is looking for another one. This is a kindness to the boys, although it is doubtful if they regard it in that light. There are dozens against whom the same charge could be sustained.

C. W. Hunt, chairman of the county committee, writes us that Mr. Ingalls has promised definitely to make a speech in this county, but has not fixed the date. It will be at Sabetha. An effort is being made to arrange a grand rally for Seneca on the 17th.

R. W. Moorhead is grumbling over a disagreement between himself and U.S. Judge Foster. Mr. Moorhead thinks being a candidate for probate judge is a lawful excuse from jury service, but Judge Foster thinks otherwise, and commands Mr. Moorhead to be on hand next Monday. This is another flagrant case of “federal interference” in local affairs and calls for some resolutions.

100 Years

Thursday, October 13, 1921

Little Bill Zellars took big Bill, his Dad, out to Cas Feldman’s farm Sunday night for supper. The table was fairly upset, when someone asked Little Bill where he went to Sunday school. “Why I go to Kindergarten,” he replied.

A daughter was born last Thursday October 6, to Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Stapleton of Morrill. Mrs. Stapleton was formerly Miss Billie Whitesell of Sabetha.

Mrs. Elliott Marshall is in Abilene having driven out there with her guests last week. The postponed meeting of the W. W. club will be held with Mrs. Marshall next Thursday, the 20th.

75 Years

Wednesday, October 9, 1946

US-36 highway west of Hiawatha is being resurfaced. Work will be done from the edge of Hiawatha to Fairview. The first four miles west of here have had a coat of oil that is covered over with fine white rock-dust. The Watson Construction, of Topeka, has the contract – Hiawatha World.

Combining the pupils of several school districts under one roof is benefiting the farmers who purchase the abandoned buildings. Jesse Cashman purchased one of the several Pleasant Valley school buildings which dot the country. Sundry buildings of the school in the Walnut district were disposed of separately for a total sum of $902.05. Will Smith bought the school house for $580. The coal house was purchased by C. W. Dennis, one outhouse by Ocil Dale, another by Gus Wikle, while Sam Conrad bore off the pump and pipe.

A Sadie Hawkins dance is planned by the Sabetha Company of the National Guard for Friday night, November 8. If you don’t read the funnies, be informed that Sadie Hawkins is a character in Li’l Abner. We don’t read the funnies either, but the general idea is that everyone is to dress up like the comic strip characters. We think maybe Sadie Hawkins is the one that goes after her man with a gun or something. Prizes will be given at the state guard dance for the best costumes, etc.

50 Years

Tuesday, October 12, 1971

Mr. and Mrs. George Ackerman, Galen and Roger, Mrs. W. R. Bauman were in Wichita last week. Galen exhibited his steer in the Wichita National Fat Stock show which was held Oct. 3-6.

Sabetha Police Chief Ralph McCord said he is missing two items from the Sabetha emergency vehicle that was used in helping to free the truck driver trapped in the accident north of town Monday night. A rubber apron and an electric lantern that were used in the rescue work are missing. Chief McCord asks that they be returned to him so that they can again be placed in the emergency vehicle.

Finishing nails have small heads so they can be driven below the wood’s surface.

25 Years

Wednesday, October 9, 1996

With little comment Monday evening, the USD 441 board put a school funding issue on next month’s ballot. To be decided by district patrons in November is the fate of a 3 1/2 mill levy for capital projects in the district. The levy was approved by board members months ago, but legal publication at that time was inadequate. Given the opportunity to challenge the levy, district patron Alvin Bauman started a petition and forced the issue onto the ballot.

Maridel Wittmer was inducted as the first woman president of the Sabetha Kiwanis Club Oct. 3. Al Stuber, lieutenant governor for the Kansas Division 2 clubs, was on hand to swear in new club officers.

10 Years

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Krista Wasinger recently joined The Sabetha Herald staff. She and her husband, Austin, moved to Sabetha from Salina. They have two daughters, Bayley, 5, and Myley, 18 months.

The USD No. 113 Prairie Hills Board of Education met in regular session at 7 p.m. Monday, Oct. 3, at Bern. Superintendent Dennis Stones presented a report to the board and those in attendance on the unaudited full-time equivalency enrollment numbers in the district buildings. Sabetha and Bern schools both went up in FTE, Sabetha from 737 last year to 747 this year and Bern from 106.9 last year to 115.7 this year. Wetmore and Axtell/Summerfield schools both went down in FTE, Wetmore from 177.5 last year to 167 this year and Axtell/Summerfield from 160.4 last year to 154.7 this year.

In July Terri Terrel and her 9-year-old daughter, Kinsey, traveled to Tulsa, Okla., to compete in the American Buckskin Registry World Show. In mileage terms, it’s not a long trip – about 258 miles one way. But there’s way more to getting to the world show than just driving there.

This license plate flag on the “Danny K Building” across the street south from Agee’s Service makes an unambiguous patriotic statement by Dan Kellenberger, who has collected license plates for years. Kellenberger completed the flag on Friday, September 30, with the help of Roger Fisher, who provided a hydraulic lift and one of his employees to help Kellenberger attach the plates to the building. The flag is in correct proportion, 12 feet by 6.5 feet, Kellenberger said, and is made of all Kansas plates. The white stripes are 2002 plates with the Capitol Building graphic. The red stripes are 1974 plates, and the blue field is made of 1976 plates, with 50 stars cut out with Wenger Manufacturing’s laser cutter.


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