Any change comes with you

I would like to give you a word of encouragement from 1 Timothy 6:12 

Theme: Any change comes with you

Scripture: 1 Timothy 6:12

“Fight the good fight, lay hold on eternal life, where unto thou art also called, and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses.”

“What am I doing wrong; what am I supposed to do that I am not doing?” Maybe that is how you are still wondering about your situation; let me tell you that the Gospel of Jesus Christ which has been preached to us is still largely unknown and misunderstood by many, even Christians.

The conflict that exists between what the Word says, and what we experience in our daily life, arises so many questions in our heart. You are wondering about why there is no change!

Yes, I know you may have been a prayer warrior, shouted the word, spoken kindly, fasted about this or that situation and sowed seeds (I am talking about the Word) briefly, prayed all kind of prayers, yet nothing changed.

Listen, the first thing you need to realize is that the Bible tells us that there is a fight of faith. As we all know, faith involves action. So, the fight of faith is the action of your faith on circumstances that stand against your life in order to effect changes. Let me explain: The Word of God is real and true, but that does not mean the experiences of your life as a child of God will automatically line up with the Word! You are the one to make them so; as Jesus often said, “Thy faith hath made you whole.”

This is to say, you have in your life some rebellious circumstances (realities) but you also have a very stubborn faith just because of the knowledge of God’s Word (truth) that you have. Now, what you want to see is the change that matches with your stubborn faith proclamations. That is good fight of faith. I do not know if you get me! Please feel free to ask me any questions on this matter.

All what I know is that the Word of God never fails. Stick on the Word and speak it on every situation you may face, our God is so faithful to honor His Word!

Stay blessed in Jesus Christ’s Name! 

About Ngalu Lupola Terry

I am Ngalu Lupola Terry, ordained minister (Elder) in the United Methodist Church, Southern Congo Episcopal Area in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) since 2004.

After my graduation at the “l’Université  Méthodiste au Katanga” in the DRC, I served as an associate pastor then chaplain for three years in one parish before I went to further my education at Africa University in Mutare, Zimbabwe (2009-2011). After earning my Bachelor Degree in Divinity, I went back home to serve my church.

Prior to coming to the United States in May 2018, I served as a Senior Pastor in three different churches in which the average attendances varied from 250 to 1300.

I am married to one wife, Sandra Nyembo Fatuma, and God blessed us with two children. Chrisma Ngalu a girl, who God Himself decided to call home at the age of six in Sept. 2017. Djesse Ngalu is our second child. He is a second grader at Nemaha Central Schools in Seneca.

I am grateful for the opportunity that the Great Plains Conference of the United Methodist Church has given me, first to serve as a two point charge pastor in Ark City, Kansas in the Wichita East/West Districts from July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2021 and second to give me a new three point charge appointment in Seneca, Oneida and Bern since July 1, 2021. My family and I love the Nemaha County community and the surrounding area and cannot wait to grow together in love and faith through prayers, by sharing joys and pains. We are so glad to share with our congregants the Word of God and the experience of His love.


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