Acreage reporting deadline is announced


Wednesday, Dec. 15, is the acreage reporting deadline for fall-seeded small grains in Nemaha County (e.g. wheat, rye, triticale, etc.). Failure to report acreage can result in late-file fees and/or the loss of program benefits. FSA also reminds producers about reporting cover crops.

Cover crop types can be chosen from the following categories:

• Cereals and other grasses – including rye, wheat and oats;

• Legumes – including peas and cow peas;

• Brassicas and other broadleaves – including radishes, turnips and canola;

• Mixtures – e.g. oats and radishes planted together.

If the cover crop is harvested for any use other than forage or grazing and is not terminated according to policy guidelines, then that crop will no longer be considered a cover crop and the acreage report must be revised to reflect the actual crop.

To complete your acreage report, please call the Nemaha County FSA Office at 785-336-2164. The office will provide maps to producers along with instructions for completing and returning the maps through mail, email or the drop box located at the USDA Service Center. After the report is loaded, producers must certify their acreage by signing the FSA-578.


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