Commissioners approve multiple contracts

The Sabetha City Commission met at 6 p.m. Monday, Oct. 25, at Sabetha City Hall. Present for the meeting were Mayor Doug Clark, Commissioners Norm Schmitt, Nick Aberle, Maridel Wittmer and Julie Burenheide, City Administrator Doug Allen, Assistant City Administrator Bill Shroyer and City Clerk Steve Compo. Guests present were Police Chief Robert Wahwasuck, City Attorney Martin Mishler, Jason Enneking, Cody Bletscher and Kinsley Bletscher.

U.S. Highway 75 Contract

The commissioners approved Resolution No. 2021-19, which allows the City of Sabetha to enter into a contract with the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT). The contract states that KDOT will improve U.S. Highway 75, by adding left turn lanes – for both north- and sound-bound traffic – at the intersections of 260th and 280th Roads. The cost of the project, which will be $4,390,000, will be covered by KDOT.

Airport Hangar

The commissioners approved the insurance settlement of $589,312.41 for the Sabetha Airport Hangar.

Allen presented two options from AHRS for replacing the airport hangar that was destroyed during a severe storm in June 2021. The first option was for an eight-unit hangar, which would be 40 feet wide by 287 feet long. This option would include 45 feet, six inch by 14 feet clear bi-fold doors, which is similar to the existing hangar. The eight-unit hangar would cost $798,372.

The second option was for a six-unit hangar. According to the proposal, this unit would have a similar scope of work as the eight-unit hangar, but would cost $628,335.

Following discussion, the commissioners approved a project with AHRS to build a new hangar building at the Sabetha Airport. The commissioners chose to build a new six-unit hangar at the cost of $628,335. However, the commissioners asked Allen to check with AHRS on possibly changing the siding material on the ends of the building. Thus, allowing for the possibility for future expansion.

Lift Station Contract

According to Allen, Keithen Meyer took the commissioners’ recommendations from last meeting. These recommendations raised the cost of the overall project, but by combining the two projects, it reduced the total project cost from last meeting by $12,000.

The commissioners approved the design costs of $115,200 for the projects. Once designed, the project will be bid out. After bids are received, the city will have exact costs for the lift station projects.

Police Report

Sabetha Police Chief Robert Wahwasuck presented his written report to the commissioners.


There have been five dog calls since Sept. 21.

One call was for a dog that was impounded for safekeeping after the owner was arrested.

One call was for a dog at large. An officer responded and was able to put the dog back inside the house from which it had escaped.

Two calls were for a dog at large. City personnel or an officer responded, both dogs returned home and the owner was cited.

One call was for a loud barking dog. An officer responded to the area, but did not hear the dog at that time.


318 N. Ninth: Condemned structure, abate has begun with city crews clearing away trash, so the structure can be demolished.

1322 Roosevelt: Junk vehicle, unfit structure, maintenance and repair. Ready for resolution and abatement.

523 N. 14th: Unfit structure, ready for resolution and abatement.

216 S. 13th: Blight premise, junk vehicle, ready for resolution and abatement.

319 N. Ninth: Blight premise, health and welfare, animal confines, keeping of animals, maintenance and repair, the animals were removed and work continues. This property was recently purchased in a tax sale by the neighbor.

401 Ohio: Junk motor vehicle, in process.

Grant Street building: Notice served and ready for resolution and abatement.

205 S. 13th: Nuisance weeds, in process. Abated by owner.

512 Main: Illegally parked trailer, abated by owner.


Wahwasuck reported that the department is pretty much back to normal operations at this point. They still take precautions around sick individuals or people with symptoms of COVID-19.

With the camping season over, the Sabetha Police Department (SPD) continues to make lake patrols, but not as heavily as they did throughout the camping season.

There is still no crossing guard that has been hired, the SPD continues to assist with that duty when possible in the mornings.

One officer attended the annual Kansas traffic and safety DUI conference in Wichita and was able to attain 15 hours of training credit. 

Officers continue to look in at high school football games, and the SPD reports that there have been no problems up to this point. It appears as though Sabetha may not be hosting a playoff game.

It’s that time of year for employees to get vacations used up and the SPD has been encouraging people to take time off, but they anticipate a scramble for coverage of time so people can get their hours used up. This is still a concern at this point, especially since one dispatcher left for new employment and one officer is on leave. Discussions have been had with employees that every attempt to accommodate vacations will be made, but there are no guarantees.

Wittmer asked Chief Wahwasuck about a complaint she had received about loose chickens and ducks at 222 Harrison.

Also at the meeting:

The commissioners approved the minutes from the Monday, Oct. 11, meeting.

The commissioners approved two truck bids for City workers. The first is a 2022 Ford F-350 4×4 at the price $35,300. The second also is a 2022 Ford F-350 4×4 at the price of $36,800. They also approved the addition of two truck beds to the truck at the cost of $16,904.

The commissioners were invited to the Sabetha Fire Department Family Night at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 2, at Buzz Café.

The commissioners entered into a 15-minute executive session with the attorney. Present for the executive session were the commissioners, Allen, Shroyer and Wahwasuck. No action was taken following the executive session.

The next meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. Monday, Nov. 8, at Sabetha City Hall.

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