Crime Prevention Month: help stop insurance fraud


October is Crime Prevention Month, and the Kansas Insurance Department wants to remind Kansans of the importance of stopping insurance fraud.

Purchasing auto insurance minutes after an accident and delaying a claim or having your contractor estimate repair costs to include the deductible are just a few examples of the common types of insurance fraud. Insurance fraud is a crime and can lead to criminal prosecution. Beyond the criminal implications, insurance fraud has a consequence on Kansas families too.

According to the FBI, fraudulent property and casualty claims cost the average household up to $700 more a year in higher premiums.

“There is a costly trickledown effect from the actions of individuals willing to commit insurance fraud,” said Commissioner Vicki Schmidt. “Financial losses, incurred from fraudulent behavior, are a shared lost between both the insurance company and the consumer.”

Knowing what fraud is, how to identify it and where to report it is incumbent upon all Kansans. Anti-fraud resources, along with the ability to file a report if you suspect fraud, are available on the Kansas Insurance Department’s website at


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