Students to present ‘The Music Man’

Marcellus Washburn (AJ Zahner), Mrs. Paroo (Mara Aberle), Charlie Cowell (Simon Engelken), Marian Paroo (Kendall Edelman), Zaneeta Shinn (Jessica Gruber) and Tommy Djilas (Krae Aberle) rehearse for their musical “The Music Man” on Monday, November 1.

Sabetha High School students still plan on presenting the musical “Music Man” in multiple performances next week.

Show times are 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday, Nov. 12-13, and at 2 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 14, at the Sabetha Middle School Auditorium. Tickets are $5 for adults and $3 for students.

It’s the early 20th-century American Midwest. A con man going by the assumed name Harold Hill has used several different schemes to bilk the unsuspecting, and now travels from town to town pretending to be a professor of music – from the Gary (Indiana) Conservatory of Music, class of ‘05 – who solves all the respective towns’ youth problems by forming boys’ marching bands.

He takes money from the townsfolk to buy instruments, music, instructional materials and uniforms for their sons. However, in reality, he has no degree and knows nothing about music, and after all the materials arrive and are distributed, he takes off with all the money, never to be seen again.

That is the case when he arrives in River City, Iowa, where he will have some unexpected help from Marcellus Washburn, a friend and former grifter colleague who now lives in River City and has gone straight, but he still wants to make sure Harold survives his stay in town. River City’s music teacher is spinster and town librarian Marian Paroo. Harold is able to impress all the other River Citizens with his fast-talking sales pitches, but not suspicious Marian, whose hard-as-nails exterior is unlike all the other River Citizens.

Further complications may ensue if any of those traveling salesmen who have been following his route through the territory catch up with and expose him.


Cast members include JR Streett as Harold Hill, AJ Zahner as Marcellus Washburn, Jacob Grimm as Ewart Dunlop, Joshua Grimm as Oliver Hix, Marcus Bauman as Jacey Squires, Jacob Garber as Olin Britt, Krae Aberle as Tommy Djilas, Jacob Enneking as Mayor Shinn, Hayden Lippert as Constable Locke, Simon Engelken as Charlie Cowell, Lucas Menold as Conductor, Josiah Richardson as Winthrop Shinn, Kendall Edelman as Marian Paroo, Mara Aberle as Mrs. Paroo, Kristi Edelman as Eulalie Shinn, Sophia Meyer as Alma Hix, Kennedy Mitchell as Maud Dunlop, EllaWynn Laipple as Ethel Toffelmier, Madison Menold as Mrs. Squires, Jessica Gruber as Zaneeta Shinn, Demelia Funk as Gracie Shinn and Kami Menold as Amaryllis.

Salesmen and Townspeople include Luke Renyer, Tristan Schmid, Dade Daily, Drew Bestwick, Davis Rokey, Gavan Bergman, Abbey Gugelman, Avery Baumgartner, Samantha Arnold and Cameron Younie.

Townspeople and Dancers include Campell Brown, Kinzey Meyer, Sadie Krogmann, Rachel Wertenberger, Mikenna Haverkamp, Harper Smith, Brecken Edelman, Halley Mitchell, Aubrey Schmelzle, Eve Bailey, McKenna Gatz, Audrey Herrmann, Revé Nonnast, Kiley Teske, Bristol Menold, Madelyn Devore, Larae Rokey, Jaiden Miller, Kenzie Ploeger, Rachel Enneking, Gage Rebant, Hadden Bachelor, Jessa Kibbe and Sutton Davis.

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