Sabetha hosts varsity scholars bowl

Ten teams competed in the varsity scholars bowl tournament on Tuesday, Nov. 16, at Sabetha’s home meet. Placing first at the meet was Holton, then Horton in second, Hiawatha placed third and Marysville took home fourth.

Pool Play

Blue Pool

Schools in the Blue Pool were Axtell, Nemaha Central, Hiawatha, Marysville and ACCHS.

Hiawatha went 3-1 defeating Axtell, Nemaha Central and Marysville.

Marysville went 3-1 defeating Axtell, Nemaha Central and ACCHS.

Nemaha Central went 2-2 defeating Axtell and ACCHS.

ACCHS went 2-2 defeating Axtell and Hiawatha.

Axtell went 0-4.

White Pool

Schools in the White Pool were Sabetha, Wetmore, Riverside, Holton and Horton.

Holton went 4-0 defeating Sabetha, Wetmore, Riverside and Horton.

Riverside went 2-2 defeating Sabetha and Wetmore.

Horton went 2-1 defeating Wetmore and Riverside.

Sabetha went 1-2 defeating Wetmore.

Wetmore went 0-4.


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