Biddyball results released

The Sabetha Biddyball youth basketball tournament was held Saturday, Dec. 18, at Sabetha High School.

In the first round of the third- and fourth-grade boys’ tournament, the Thunder defeated the Spurs for first place. In the second round, the Bulls defeated the Knicks for third place. 

Members of the Knicks team included Dean Farwell, Jaxon Edelman, Jake Menold, Huck Lowdermilk and Landry Strahm. Members of the Thunder team included Keston Davis, Kraivyn Stinnet, Taylor Georg, Hadden Strahm and Kasyn Winkler. Members of the Bulls team included William Guthrie, Henry Keim, Eli Rebant, Malachai Maas and Grayson Hall. Members of the Spurs team included Tyler Herrmann, Miles Gugelman, Jackson Lang, Maddex Hoffman and Owen Rebant.

In the first round of the fifth- and sixth-grade tournament, the Warriors defeated the Celtics for first place. In the second round, the Lakers defeated the Heat for third place. 

Members of the Warriors team included Connor Wedel, Kyson Wertenberger, Gage Brumback, Gage Rebant, Bently Pryor and Stephan Meade. Members of the Heat team included Garrett Hall, Collin Montgomery, Seth Lawrence, Easton Reyner, Augustus Ring and Gideon Meyer. Members of the Lakers team included Hudson Scoby, Daniel Garber, Anvay Bhatteja, Gabe Davis, Audab Fanders and Christian Scott. Members of the Celtics team included Lucas Keim, Malachai Strahm, Noah Menold, Easton Stahl and Finn Engelken.

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