Brown County Commission 12.28.2021

Submitted by Dawn Boyles

County Clerk

Tuesday, Dec. 28, 2021

The Board of Brown County Commissioners met in regular session on Tuesday, Dec. 28, with the following members present: Chairman Richard L. Lehmkuhl, Lamar Shoemaker and William Pollock. Also present were Brown County Clerk Dawn Boyles via Zoom and Brown County Deputy Clerk Barbara Grabhorn. County Attorney Kevin Hill was present for a portion of the meeting.

Lehmkuhl opened the meeting at 8:10 a.m. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited by all. Pastor Shane Spangler led the meeting with a prayer.

Steve Samuelson met via zoom to explain participation in National Flood Plain Insurance.

John Matalone was present via zoom and reviewed his contract.

Brown County resident Lee Wymer expressed concern on law enforcement in Morrill. No action was taken.

Also at the meeting:

The Monday, Dec. 29, payroll was approved as follows: General, $84,522.87; Road and Bridge, $15,074.50; Technology, $302.25; Appraiser, $8,108.76; Noxious Weed, $2,271.91; ACC, $8,534.74; JJA Core, $6,139.03; Reinvestment Grant, $946.41; Services for Elderly, $2,715; Solid Waste, $5,897.10; Special MVT, $2,800.01; Employee Benefit FICA, $9,034.10; and Employee Benefit KPERS, $10,195.92. After State Unemployment and Workers Compensation of $133.56 was taken out, the total was $156,409.04.

The decision to sign contract for 2022 Insurance Consultant for the County will be tabled until Friday, Dec. 31.

The board approved the invoice for 2022 KAC membership in the amount of $3,565.52.

The commissioners approved the invoice for KCAMP coverage for 2022 in the amount of $132,506.

The board approved the minutes of the Monday, Dec. 20, meeting.

The commissioners approved the adoption of Proclamation of a State of Local Disaster Emergency for Brown County, Resolution No. 2021-17.

The commissioners approved the adoption of Opioid Addiction Crisis Resolution for Brown County to have access to State funds should the County have the need, Resolution No. 2021-18.

The board signed the 2022 Crisis Stabilization agreement.

Tax Change Orders 2021-21 and 2021-22 were approved and signed.

The board held a five-minute executive session on non-elected personnel, with the commissioners, Boyles and Grabhorn present, to discuss personnel matters of non-elected personnel with executive session necessary to protect privacy interests. No binding action was taken following the executive session.

Reconvene meeting for work session to go through the Personnel Policy. The commissioners reviewed current Personnel Policy and any changes they would like to make and clarify.

The next regular meeting was held Friday, Dec. 31. These minutes were not available at The Herald’s press time.


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