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The Sabetha City Commission met at 6 p.m. Monday, Jan. 10, at Sabetha City Hall. Present for the meeting were Mayor Cody Bletscher, commissioners Norm Schmitt and Maridel Wittmer, City Administrator Doug Allen, City Clerk Steve Compo, and Police Chief Robert Wahwasuck. Also present was Dr. James Longabaugh, Amber Bletscher, Kinsley Bletscher, Grayson Bletscher, Jason Enneking and Berti Enneking. Commissioners Julie Burenheide and Nick Aberle were absent.

Police Report


Wahwasuck reported that there have been seven dog calls since Dec. 9, 2021. Three calls were for a dog at large, and city personnel or an officer responded, but were unable to locate the dog in the area reported. One was for a barking dog. An officer responded, and there was no dog barking at that time. The officer spoke to the reporting party about how to file a complaint and began a case. One call was for a dog at large, and city personnel or an officer responded. The owners were on scene getting the dogs when we arrived. One call was for a dog at large, and city personnel or an officer responded. The dog was taken and impounded. The last call was for a dog at large, and city personnel or an officer responded. The dog was located but kept running off, and was unable to be caught.


1322 Roosevelt St.: Junk Vehicle was abated. Unfit structure, maintenance and repair. Ready for abatement. Owners have covered the problem areas of the roofs but they have not begun repair. Wahwasuck reported he will be contacting them to let them know that the city shall move forward with contacting contractors for abatement.

523 N. 14th St: Unfit Structure, ready for abatement. According to Neighbor-2-Neighbor, they have never been contacted about assisting with this property. Wahwasuck said he would make contact with the owners to let them know that the city will be removing this structure at the earliest possible convenience of the contractor.

216 S. 13th St.: Blight premise, junk vehicle, ready for resolution and abatement. Owner has done some work, but I have told them that they need to keep working on it. Owner has told me that he will continue to make strides.

319 N. Ninth St.: Blight premise, health and welfare, maintenance and repair. Wahwasuck reported that he spoke with soon-to-be new owners of this property and they said there is a plan to finish the siding and repair the roof just as soon as they take ownership of the property.

401 Ohio St.: Junk motor vehicle, in process.

222 Harrison St.: Keeping of animals. The owner has received a permit and is no longer in violation.


Wahwasuck reported the following about the department:

• All officers have returned to regular duty with Covid, Influenza and Cold also affecting the department. Officer’s missing days and working sick in isolation. The department continues to provide the best service they can.

• The Sabetha Police Department (SPD) continues to assist with the school crossing duty in front of the elementary when possible in the mornings. Recently, they have prioritized driving around and picking up walking children and giving them a ride to school in the cold over working the crosswalk. The school was made aware and they arranged someone for the crosswalk.

• SPD will assist with preliminary breath tests (PBT) at the first high school dance of 2022. The SPD continues to try and be a positive presence daily in the schools.

• Officer’s will continue to try and get out to home basketball games.

• The SPD continues to explore options to fill our upcoming need for a dispatcher, the outgoing dispatcher has been kind enough to continue to work for as long as they can, or until we find a replacement.

• The SPD continues to explore an officer position with one officer’s retirement quickly approaching.

After his report, Wittmer asked Wahwasuck to remind businesses on Main Street that they are responsible for clearing the sidewalks in front of their business, not just a small walkway to their door.

Also at the meeting:

The commissioners approved the following: minutes from the Dec. 27, 2021 meeting; Wage Resolution 2022-01 for Kylie Meredith as a dispatcher; Wage Resolution 2022-02 for Marty Yates in electrical production; and Wage Resolution 2022-03 for Trenton Hartter’s 90-day orientation.

Dr. James Longabaugh was present to introduce himself as the new Chief Executive Officer for Sabetha Community Hospital. He said that he is still planning to stay on as the Sabetha EMS Director.

The commission went into a 10-minute executive session for personnel matters. Present for the executive session were Bletscher, Schmitt, Wittmer, Allen and Wahwasuck.

The next meeting will be held at 6 p.m. Monday, Jan. 24, at Sabetha City Hall.


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