4-H Club: Stateliners

Members of the Stateliners 4-H Club open presents during their Christmas party on Thursday, December 23, at the Bern Community Building.

Submitted by Lane Mosteller, Club Reporter

President Collin Jost called the meeting to order on Thursday, Dec. 23, at the Bern Community Building. Ethan Jost lead the club in the flag salute, 4-H pledge and motto. Club members shared what they planned to do for Christmas as roll was called. Most everyone planned to exchange gifts and unwrap presents on Christmas morning.

Stephan Knapp lead us in singing Hark the Herald Angels Sing. Following the reports of officers, committees and leader we had our Christmas program. Our club got a jump on unwrapping presents as we got into our annual Christmas program. The Knapp family had international guests who added to the celebration.

Club members each brought a gift that was red or green and $5 or less. Members drew numbers, starting with the largest number going to the smallest. The next lowest number could steal gifts from those who’d already picked. Everyone was satisfied with gifts that ranged from green eggs to red candy canes!

We then played a candy cane game where you tried to knock candy canes off of everyone else’s fingers with your elbow. There were lots of fun moments and cracked candy canes! Color tag was the final game, always a favorite. Club families brought snacks for everyone to enjoy.

The next meeting will be at 7 p.m. Monday, Jan. 24, at the Bern Community Building, when we begin thinking about 4-H Club Day and start the record book incentive for members.


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