Letter to the editor: Pray for Pastor Tramp

Dear Editor,

What has happened to love thy neighbor and the Good Samaritan? Something has gone very wrong! Sabetha, just like any community, has people in need. The faith community as well as the larger community must be aware of needs that exist. We all need to “pay attention” and come together to take the appropriate action when needs arise. Awareness ­— communication — problem solving — action are ways in which to address the deep needs of our community. To love your neighbor is to relate to them as someone made in God’s image. Unconditional love is the way to realize God’s plan for our community. It’s the only thing that can, and will, make this world a better place. Love creates room and space for others, including “the other” to be. This love should be our guide for living; for relationships for leaders and pastors; as well as for our own individual and collective spiritual and physical well-being. As Christians, it’s our duty to love and to witness to the way of love that came to us from Jesus’s teachings. Love is universal. It knows no limitations. Did Pastor Tramp’s action impact the man and woman for the good? Rather than judgement, showing some compassion would have surely been the Christian thing to do. Love requires a firm commitment to act for the well being of others. It’s a commitment to seek the good and welfare of others. Love can help and heal when nothing else can…one life at a time. Let this be a daily reminder to each and everyone of us. May God love and bless us. And may He hold us all in His Almighty hands of love.

Joyce Fee, Morrill


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