Why pro-lifers should reject Value Them Both

Dear Editor,

Why pro-lifers should reject Value Them Both (VTB) and insist instead on an amendment this session to abolish abortion entirely: 

1. VTB won’t fix a rogue Supreme Court that sees invisible rights to abortion in the Kansas Constitution. It is likely to be struck down, just like California’s liberal court struck down proposition 8 against homosexual marriage years ago.

2. VTB unwittingly writes into the Constitution an implied right to abortion currently not there.

3. VTB seeks to regulate murder rather than ban it, which is morally convoluted and bankrupt. We don’t want to suggest that it’s OK to murder a baby, as long as you do so before a certain arbitrary date, as long as the baby can’t feel pain, as long as certain gruesome methods are not employed, or as long as the butcher shop is sanitary.

4. VTB makes exceptions for rape and incest and health of the mother, but sins of the “father” do not justify subsequent sins of the mother. Let’s punish rapists, not the innocent baby. “Health of the mother” is a convenient loophole that abortionists have used to justify all abortions.

4. VTB teaches that women are second victims of abortion. Though it’s true that women who get abortions are victims of deception, they are also self-deceived. And though it’s true that some women are pressured into getting abortions, they are still accountable for succumbing to that pressure.

Having been at Planned Parenthood in KC to preach, protest and to offer help, I can tell you that I have not seen many “victims.” Most of them shout obscenities at you and flip you off on their way to kill their babies. Some skip into the “clinic” to mock you. We will never get anywhere in our fight against abortion unless we quit treating the women as victims. If a woman brought her two-year-old into a clinic to be killed by a “doctor,” would we treat her as a second victim? I don’t think so. So, why do so with abortion? Let’s ask for an amendment with moral clarity and teeth. When the KS Supreme Court strikes it down, let’s call on our law enforcement to ignore the Court and do what’s right before God. If liberal states can defy courts with marijuana legalization and sanctuary cities, why can’t we do so for the far nobler cause of saving innocent lives?

Curtis Knapp

Rural Seneca


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