Letter: Reader appreciates work done to preserve Sabetha’s history

Dear Editor

I’m always interested in the good news coming from my hometown of Sabetha. My family moved to the west coast when I was very young, around 1948, but I’ve returned often to visit family in Sabetha and have always been moved by the kindness of people in the town I am lucky to call my hometown. Several of my visits coincided with Old Albany Days where I think the spirit, pride and history of Sabetha are so well demonstrated. That’s why I was particularly interested in Dorothy Goodman’s recent letter to the editor about her efforts to nurture and expand Sabetha’s connection to its fascinating past and also about her hope that, especially in trying times, we will remember the foundation of good will and positive community spirit that have made Sabetha a “mighty, intense, intelligent” community where people will “bind together…joy together” and strive to be “of good report about each other.” I believe that Dorothy’s words are an inspiration that urge us to preserve both kinds of precious ties — to Sabetha’s history and to its legacy of kindness and caring. I hope Sabethans will work to guarantee that the Albany Museum and the Most house will be around to help future generations appreciate the significance of Sabetha’s history and the story of its people.

Sharon Peck

Seattle, Wash.


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