Basketball Senior Legacy Quotes

What will you miss about being a part of Bluejay basketball?

What advice or wisdom do you want to leave for the underclassmen for the future?

Boys’ Basketball

Pepijn Dingemanse

“I’ve only been part of this team for a year, but I know that I’m already going to miss playing basketball with friends and having a fun time on the court with great coaches and teammates. Have a fun time and score more points than your opponent.”

JR Streett

“I will miss being part of a great team of men that work hard and care about each other. A piece of advice for underclassmen is to stay committed and work for what they want. If they have a goal, reach for it by working hard and putting the time in that is necessary.”

Travis Dalinghaus

“I will miss being a part of a team and the coaching staff and how hard they work for us to have success, and just the fun times and memories with everyone on the team. Work hard, be patient and have fun; your time will come.”

Tyrese Bishop

“I’ll miss the games and being hyped and having fun! To the underclassmen, I’ll tell them to listen to all of the coaches and prove to them that they deserve to be where they are.”

Girls’ Basketball

Jadyn Dorn

“I will miss working with teammates every day and just being a part of the team! Throughout my four years, every game and practice were all worth it in the end. To make you a better person and for the memories made.”

Rachel Wertenberger

“I will miss everything about being a part of the Lady Jays program at Sabetha, but the thing I’ll miss most is all of the people I’ve been surrounded by. My teammates, coaches, opponents and the refs have all been a great influence on my life. I’ve enjoyed every second of the past four years and can’t believe it’s already the end of the season. To the underclassmen, don’t take any moment of basketball for granted. It seems like a long season, but it goes by too fast. There are many life lessons learned and relationships made by being a part of Sabetha Lady Jays basketball program. Also, always remember to finish strong!”

Kendall Edelman

“The thing I’ll miss most about being a part of Bluejay Basketball is being a part of a team that plays with a purpose. Every game and practice we play not for ourselves but each other, and the Lord. The sense of unity and unselfishness that I’ve experienced over the past four years is incredible and I’ll miss getting to witness that firsthand. I’d like to leave the underclassmen with this: don’t forget who and what you’re playing for. In the end, wins and losses don’t matter. How good of a player you are doesn’t matter. What does matter is how good of a person you are and being an unselfish, supporting teammate is what builds us into better people. Enjoy the time you have with the people playing next to you and play for them and above all to glorify God.”

Emily Krebs

“Lady Jays Basketball is simply an experience unlike any other. Of course, playing the game I love is rewarding enough for me, but the memories and the second family you gain over the season is unforgettable. From the film studies and scout cramming sessions to the pregame traditions that put the superstitions at bay and everything in between, I’ll miss it all. To my underclassmen, as cliché as it sounds, soak it all in as it comes and don’t have any regrets. When you have a choice, choose to go the extra mile because time flies, but on the bright side, you can be your own pilot.”

Kinzey Meyer

“I will miss the bonds and camaraderie that I have made with every one of my teammates this year and years prior. It’s a blessing to have a second family where everyone loves and supports me and my endeavors! I would like to tell the underclassmen to enjoy and take in every moment, because it goes by so fast. I also want them to know that no matter their role on the court or off the court, it truly matters! The smallest of roles likely have the biggest impact.”


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