Fairview City council meets

The Fairview City Council met at 7 p.m. Thursday, March 3, at the Fairview Community Center for their monthly meeting. Present for the meeting were Mayor Art Vonderschmidt; council members Charlie Kramer, Bridget Harvey, Sierra Renner and Doug Bletscher; secretary Christine Rosenberger; Community Center Manager Joann Keim; and four guests. Councilman Steve Holthaus and treasurer Kim Rettele were not present for the meeting.

Old Business

Sewer Report

The council discussed the sewer report. Rosenberger said she could run the report in the middle of April, which will reflect who has paid for 2021 sewer services.

COVID-19 Relief Money

Vonderschmidt discussed COVID-19 Relief money and said there is a report due on April 30 that he is working on.

“So, basically, we are going to report that we haven’t spent anything?” Rosenberger said.

“Basically, yes,” Vonderschmidt said.

Sewer Line

Vonderschmidt said BHS Construction Company needs to install a sewer line for the Keim Travel Plaza Project.

“What they are wanting is to cross Old 75 Highway,” Vonderschmidt said. “There’s two ways they can do it. They can laterally bore underneath or they can dig it out. He recommended that they cut into Old 75 and dig it that way. It [the sewer line] has to run from the proposed site, there’s a man hole on the south end of the outfield, that’s where it goes to.”

Harvey asked how the construction of the sewer line would affect Joe Hackney’s business – Holthaus Autohaus.

Bletscher and Vonderschmidt agreed that it wouldn’t take long to complete the project and there is another route which can be taken to the business.

After discussion, Bletscher made a motion to dig up Old Highway 75 for the construction of a sewer line. Kramer seconded the motion. Then, Renner asked if the City needed to let Hackney know about the project, “so he knows for business operations.”

“Possibly,” Vonderschmidt said. “When I call him back, and tell him this has been approved, I will find out if this is going to close the road or not.”

The motion passed with all in favor.


Harvey said she spoke with K. Rettele about the awnings.

“Kim talked to the insurance company about the awnings,” Harvey said. “They do not think there is anyway to connect the awnings to the buildings and have us insure them, but they would do more research on it.”

Vonderschmidt said he still hadn’t heard from the business owners who were supposed to get back to him.

“I couldn’t find out anything from anybody,” Vonderschmidt said.

“When we find out on that, how do we need to go about making that the business owners’ property?” Bletscher said.

“Well, it always has been,” Vonderschmidt said.

“So, I guess where are we standing on this as far as helping them fix it, or are we going to stay out of it?” Bletscher said.

Then, Vonderschmidt asked Bill Meyer to speak about the work he had completed on the awnings.

“Back during the centennial or before the centennial, the awnings were looking pretty bad,” Meyer said.

Meyer said he tore all the old tin off of the awnings and put new tin on, which was paid for by the businesses at the time. Meyer also said that Bonnie Reynolds and “a couple of other gals,” painted under the awnings. However, he was unsure who had paid for the paint.

“So, it was never an understanding that the City owned those awnings,” Vonderschmidt asked.

“No. This is just what we did,” Meyer said. “But after saying all that, I still don’t know who the ownership is.”

“If there’s no awnings put back up, then so be it,” Bletscher said. “If the businesses want their awnings up, then they need to put them up themselves. That’s my thought.”

After further discussion, no decision was made regarding the awnings.

Safety Inspection Report

The council also discussed the safety inspection report, which was discussed at the previous meeting. Based off the report, items which need replaced are fire extinguishers; multiple outlets in the community building need switched to GFI outlets; outlets in the city park either need to be switched to GFI outlets or have them taken out; fuel barrels need to be marked “gasoline,” “diesel” and “no smoking;” as well as other items.

“We don’t have to send them pictures or anything,” Vonderschmidt said. “We just write in what we did and send it back to them.”

New Business

The council discussed storm drains throughout town and the possibility of COVID-19 Relief money covering the project. In addition to possibly using some of the COVID-19 Relief money for storm drainage, Vonderschmidt also said he would like to “earmark” some of the funds for heating and cooling in the Fairview Community Building.

Keim reported that Draperie Decor is going to fix the bathrooms in the Fairview Community Building.

Also at the meeting:

The council reviewed and approved the minutes from the Feb. 3 and Feb. 8 meetings.

Vonderschmidt went through the mail correspondence, which the council had received. Vonderschmidt said they received a census for housing permits for multi-family housing and zoning, which doesn’t “pertain” to the city. Other correspondence received was for low interest loans for wastewater improvement, as well as the sales tax exemption for the Keim Travel Plaza Project, which was issued and approved for BHS Construction.

The council approved bills to pay.

After discussion, the council reviewed and approved the treasurer’s report.

The next regular meeting will be held at 7 p.m. Thursday, April 7.

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