Letter to the Editor: Ask Senator, Representative to support ‘Axe the Food Tax’

Dear Editor,

Since her election, Governor Laura Kelly has created/retained 41,000 jobs, provided $8.6 billion in business investments to Kansas, started 425 transportation projects, procured 600 plus new economic development projects, and fully funded public schools for three consecutive years. Though the pandemic effected the majority of her term, Kelly has managed the challenges with reasonable, intelligent, and life-saving actions which have protected Kansans and businesses, while being targeted in an irrational power-grab by poor losers of the 2018 election – Kansas Republican House and Senate members. What has the Kansas legislature accomplished in the past two years? 1) They have recommended numerous laws to restrict/deny Kansans rights as afforded by the Constitution; 2) With no formal proof, they wish to deviate from current processes of voting, 3) They seek to veto the Governor’s choice in the current selection of Kansas Supreme Court judges, 4) They want veto power over the Governor’s appointments to Kansas commissions, et. al. These legislators will listen to any inane or rumored discussion about horse tablets to removing language, books, and educational discussions in public schools.Kelly’s actions to aide Kansans with MediAid for health care and alleviate the burden of taxes on Kansans — “Axe the Food Tax — would give relief to all. Yet, Republicans oppose her goals, either wholly or by whittling them down in future years. The need is now.

Tell Representative Randy Garber (785-296-7665) and Senator Dennis Pyle (785-296-7379) to eliminate all taxes on food. Leave message, and don’t expect a response; they never do one.

JoLene Rae Bloom 



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