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125 Years

Thursday, April 8, 1897

Col. Hood and family who have been making the Whittenhalls a visit the past ten days, left for their new home in Ft. Brady, Michigan, where the colonel has been ordered for duty, Mrs. Hood and the children had intended staying here this summer but her health was quite poorly and it was thought a change would be beneficial. They stop in Chicago go for a week.

The “two bits” racket was worked to a frazzle on All Fool’s Day. Fred Hook with others made the rounds of the stores and victimized a number of merchants out of a quarter’s worth of their wares, by asking for “two bits” worth and when the article was given him he would lay down a couple of old bridle bits and “fly his kite.” This seemed a new graft for many of our townspeople and I got “dead next to” a whole lot them.

Everest, Kansas, April 7th, 1896. I have handled the Heath & Milligan’s paint for nine years, during which time I have tried several other brands, but none of them gave the satisfaction that Heath & Milligan’s has. It is the cheapest as it covers more, looks better and lasts longer that any other paint on the market. Jacob Marack, Druggist. W. A. Doolittle, Agent. Sabetha, Kansas.

The open purse with a nickel which had apparently just rolled out of it was used with great success to deceive the unwary on the festive first. The purse and nickel was fastened.

100 Years

Thursday, April 6, 1922

Mr. John Wendel Dear Sir, I understand you are going to play “The Golden Gate Girl Revue and Jazz Band.” You have one of the best companies I have even seen. It is 100 per cent better than anything I have ever had. We packed them for two nights against the strongest opposition. Don’t be afraid to boost them. They have a good variety of dances, music and songs and can change the entire program the second night. People flocked to see them. I am writing this without their knowledge but I feel they are entitled to a good boost. You will find them clean in every way. No wild women. Hope you do a good business. Business needs a tonic and a good clean company like this will help a lot. Respectfully, W. H. Hardman, manage, theater, Frankfort, Kas.

George Kohler of Sabetha, Kas., who took from the yards last night four car loads of feeders, has been feeding cattle all winter on a large scale. During the last five months Mr. Kohler has bought, on the Kansas City market a total of thirty-four carloads of feeders, and he has left his feed yards but eight carloads. During this time Mr. Kohler also marketed a large number of hogs which were fed with his cattle, all showing a profit. Kansas City Drovers Telegram.

Sam Collins, state auto license inspector, is in Sabetha. He says Sabetha is short 20 per cent in its auto license quota. This is no Red Cross campaign and those who have failed to do their part in raising Sabetha’s quota may be haled before the court for a touch that will push Sabetha away over the top.

The best vaudeville company seen in Sabetha was the Golden Gate girls. They will play a return engagement at the Auditorium Saturday. You should see them. There is an unusually fine dancer with the company; the only real ballet dancer Sabetha has had; skillful, graceful, young and pretty. The entire company is above the average as we said last week.

75 Years

Wednesday, April 2, 1947

Best Kiwanis Sale Response. Norman Morgan reports that response to the annual Kiwanis auction sale this year appears to be the best of any previous year in its early stages. Items being donated for offering at the auction are being accumulated at the Roberts Motor Co. A tentative date of April 17 has been set for the sale. If weather permits it may be held in the Ernest Block lot next door to the Summers grocery. Proceeds of the sale will be used for completion of the Kiwanis youth camp being constructed at Lake Sabetha. At the regular Kiwanis club meeting Thursday evening, Ivan Roberts presented the club with the 1947 Boy Scout charter. The Kiwanians sponsor the scout troop here. Merlin Brammer gave a reading to provide the program for the meeting. President Harvey Lukert announced that the Kiwanis dinner at which Sabetha High School athletes will be guest has been postponed from April 17 to May 1.

Legion Indoor Circus. The Sabetha American Legion will bring to the Sabetha city hall on Thursday of next week an “indoor circus.” There will be clowns, aerialists, cowboys, jugglers, animal trainers, trained monkeys, bears, ponies, horses and goats. Music will be provided by a regular circus calliope. Among the performers will be Nelson Thompson, known as the upside down man, from Robert Ripley’s Believe It or Not show. The entertainment promises a lot of fun and thrills. There will be a special children’s matinee at 3:30 with the main show in the evening.

New Plumbing Shop. Carl Hartman and Rueben Lehman, who have been employed at the Keithley Plumbing Shop, will establish a plumbing business in the Haines Building west of the Hughes Clothing Company. They will open for business Saturday, April 5. Both men have lived in this vicinity for many years. Mr. Lehman served in the navy during World War II. The family is now living in the place recently vacated by the Lee Henry family, who moved to their farm in the Harmony district. The Hartmans live in their own home on North 6th St.

There was but one ticket in the city election at Bern Tuesday. C. O. Meyer was elected mayor, John Nebgen police judge, and councilmen elected are W. H. Hilt, J. D. Sheik, Clyde Durner, Glen Turner and Ben Leuthold. Durner and Leuthold are new on the council, replacing George Hofman and Andy Strahm, who were not candidates. The Bern Rural High School district will hold a bond election in three or four weeks to vote on a proposed $110,000 bond issue to construct a new high school building.

50 Years

Tuesday, April 4, 1972

When Gene Garrett’s new Super Saver market opens later this month it will also mark the beginning of a new community “Pride” project. Working in cooperation with a local couple, Mr. Garrett will provide a deposit for used cans. When the container becomes full this civic-minded couple will take the cans to the recycling center of the Continental Can Co. in St. Joseph, Mo. Although they prefer to remain anonymous, they are in hopes the project will grow as more Sabethans take an interest in this ecology effort.

E 2 Randy W. Goodman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Merlin J. Goodman, Fairview, graduated from Basic Training, March 31. He is home on a short leave and is stationed at Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo. Mr. and Mrs. Goodman, Randy’s sister Liz, and friend Cindy Wilson attended the graduation.

25 Years

Wednesday, April 2, 1997

Two new members will take seats at the next Sabetha City Commission meeting as a result of Tuesday’s general election. Unofficial final results from the Nemaha County Clerk’s office showed Norman Schmitt out polled Richard Lehmann 648 to 236. In the race to succeed Lehmann as finance commissioner, Hugh Mitchell defeated Don Strahm 488 to 387.

A new recycling center will soon join Nemaha County’s new transfer station at the landfill because of action taken by the county commission Monday. After a week of deliberation, the commission accepted a bid from Thieme and Werner Construction, Sabetha, to build the center.

All that can be said for sure about a recent action by the Kansas Legislature is that it delays any major improvements to Sabetha’s waste water plant by two years.

10 Years

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A sunny and windy afternoon brought Omaha Twister Chasers to Sabetha Thursday, March 29. OTC is a group of five young men from Omaha who travel the central United States during tornado season. “We’re a bunch of weather nerds,” Dan Castro said of the group’s hobby. Other group members are Robbie McGeehan, Mike Lachendro, Will Campbell and Jeremy McGeehan. The group began five years ago in Omaha when Castro, Lachendro and R. McGeehan got together to chase storms. It has evolved into a group hobby now, complete with a radar and live video streaming to the internet. Before going on a storm chase, the group scouts storms on radar.

A letter was mailed to Bern students early last week inviting them to attend a Spring Open House at Sabetha schools on Monday, April 16. In light of Bern School closing at the end of May, Sabetha school staff wanted to encourage and welcome Bern students to attend Sabetha schools next fall. The Open House will include tours of each of the three facilities. Along with the tours, students and their parents will be able to gather information about the opportunities that are available at Sabetha schools. Each building will conduct its own Open House on a staggered time schedule, allowing students and parents to spend time at all three facilities, if desired.

The Nemaha County Sheriff’s Office has been made aware of a new scam affecting businesses in the county. The scam involves unknown persons faxing out letters and financial information requests in the name of the USDA. This scam has surfaced in at least one Nemaha County business. The USDA has also put out a scam alert with this information and is investigating the matter through the Office of the Inspector General at 202-720-9448, or you can contact the Nemaha County Sheriff’s Office at 785-336-2311, along with your local police departments. As always, remember, do not give out any of your financial information to parties that are unknown to you.

The Sabetha High School Blue Crew was brought to Sabetha by football and weight coach Garrett Michael in 2003-04 to develop character, responsibility and work ethic. “We wanted to have an organization that helped students feel good about not participating in alcohol and drugs,” Michael said. The group wants students to achieve obstacles that are very intimidating but gain great rewards for completion.

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