A reminder of what is important

That is what I experienced with the life and passing of Jim Wetzel. We had a gathering service outside for Jim. We remembered his troubled life and how he came to trust in Jesus and turn his life over to God. And what a difference that made in his life both while he was here and even now as he is with the Lord in heaven.  

There were many people there. What was not there were his tools, which he loved. He didn’t take his motorcycle, his fishing poles, his boat or clothes or any other thing with him nor were they at the service. Only relationships. That was his real value in life and death. A simple, quiet man who had to be moved in the hospital to a bigger room because of all his visitors (including his dog Tucker!).

Here is the point and a great reminder. What is really important to you today? It should be our human relationships and our ultimate relationship with God. It is far too easy to get caught up in the stuff of life, other lives on social media or even our hobbies, yet neglect the most basic and important thing of all, relationships. 

So today, I hope you will be encouraged to look at all the relationships God has given us including our relationship with Him and put the time and effort and love into those areas of our lives.

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Charlie Robinson serves as pastor of NorthRidge Church in Sabetha.

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