Apologize for omissions

Dear Editor,

Kansas House Representative Randy Garber, Sabetha, former Ohio teacher Douglas Frank, and the Nemaha County Commissioners, Gary Scoby, Jason Koch, and Dylan Keim, owe Nemaha County Clerk Mary Kay Schmelzle, Election Deputy DeAnn Koch, and County election board workers a huge apology. March 14, the commissioners hosted Garber and Frank who claimed elections are being stolen. Schmelzle and Koch were not defended. March 15, Frank, with Garber, addressed a misled crowd at the Community Church in Topeka on fraudulent 2020 elections. They intimated that they had spoken with “the Nemaha County Election Officials,” similar words without any documentation in Austin, Texas were repeated in January: “Just about every county in the country was hacked” in 2020. Frank, no longer a teacher, has a lucrative vocation, hosted by groups who believe in THE BIG LIE: “My goal is to be able to pay my bills, and it’s working. I’ve been able to do this a year now and my bank balance isn’t getting smaller.” Greed motivates shysters. Frank’s ego matches Trump’s as he boasts of math skills, his succinct, inaccurate conclusions of phantom voters and inflated registration rolls, and his “Sixth Order Polynomial” equation of The Steal. Sounds intellectual for BS, doesn’t it? Fact: The absence of data is propaganda. At no time has Randy Garber or Frank proven any fraud in Nemaha County or Kansas; however, they have not communicated that TRUTH, supported by Schwab, Kobach, Schmidt, and the ACLU. Apologize for omissions and embarrassing, blatant lies and innuendoes, “Gentlemen.”

JoLene Rae Bloom, Seneca


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