Council makes decisions on city owned property

The Fairview City Council met at 7 p.m. Thursday, April 7, at the Fairview Community Building. Present for the meeting were Mayor Art Vonderschmidt, Council members Sierra Renner, Doug Bletscher, Charlie Kramer and Bridget Harvey, treasurer Kim Rettele, secretary Christine Rosenberger, and Fairview Community Building Manager Joann Keim, city employee George Blanton. Council member Steve Holthaus was not present. Guests present were Ron Rettele and Paul Reynolds.

Old Business

Animal Control/Code Officer Position

The council reviewed the job description for the animal control and code officer position. Vonderschmidt asked Renner to finalize the job description and bring it back to the next meeting to be voted on.

Checkers Building

Vonderschmidt said he had Jamie Kruse and Chris Shelly up at Butch Rogers building – Checkers – and Kruse and Shelly has been taking old appliances out of the building to get rid of. Vonderschmidt asked the council if they had thoughts about what to do with the building.

Rosenberger suggested that the city list the building with a realtor. The council agreed this was a good idea, but wanted to discuss it further in executive session at the end of the meeting.

3D Bow Shoot

Vonderschmidt said Casey Votruba with Votruba Archery asked if the city would allow him to hold a 3D Bow Shoot out on Butch Roger’s pasture later in the month.

Kramer asked what the liability issue would be for the City of Fairview.

“He will have to carry the insurance,” Vonderschmidt said.

“Since we still own the property – if he has it out there – should we make sure that every contestant signs a waiver releasing us of any liability,” Kramer said.

The council agreed that signing waivers was what needed to happen.

The council unanimously approved allowing Votruba Archery a one-time use of City property with waivers of liability for a 3D Bow Shoot. The council also said everything has to be removed from the property within 30 days.

Relief Funds Compliance

Vonderschmidt said he completed the Covid19 Relief Funds Compliance Report. So far, Fairview has not spent any of the COVID-19 relief funds, but Vonderschmidt said the city will, “have to come up with a plan to start spending some money.”

BG Consultants Invoice

Mayor Vonderschmidt said he received an invoice from BG consultants for the “first phase of their engineering consulting services.” Vonderschmidt asked K. Rettele to write a check and take a copy of the check and send the copy in with the voucher to Kansas Department of Transportation.

“We don’t have to send it to them, but we need to make a copy of the check and send it in with this voucher, and we will get our money pretty quick according to two people,” Vonderschmidt said.

“So, we write a check, and take a copy of it and send it there, and then the state sends us money to pay it?” Rosenberger said.

“Yes,” Vonderschmidt said.

“So, is that how that whole program will work?” Rosenberger said. “We have to pay everything and then they will pay us.”

“Yes,” Vonderschmidt said.

This bill was included in the bills to pay.

Safety Inspection

Vonderschmidt said he has completed everything that needed to be done on the safety inspection, except for the fire extinguishers. Items that were fixed or taken care of were the three GFCI outlets in the Fairview Community Building, the five GFCI outlets in the park, removing the bench grinder from the city shop, labeling the unleaded and diesel gasoline tanks, put up a “No Smoking” sign, and replaced a breaker in the Fairview City Park.

Keim said the total for the fire extinguishers to be inspected is $82 and can be paid with her city credit card. She said they could probably schedule the inspection in a week or so.

Vonderschmidt said he was working on completing a Hazardous Equipment Assessment.

Vonderschmidt said he has further questions and will contact the person in charge to get some answers.

Vonderschmidt said he would like at some point to put a power disconnect in the park, since it does not currently have one. After discussion, the council decided to get an estimate and approved putting in a power disconnect in the park.

Commercial Street Awnings

K. Rettele said she spoke with the City’s insurance company about the awnings on Main Street. According to K. Rettele, the insurance company said, “The property is not listed on the policy and we [City of Fairview] do not have the buildings insured and it would not be covered under any extensions. It has to be to the owners.”

Mayor Vonderschmidt said he has spoken to Votruba and told him the property owners with the awnings on Commercial Street need to “approach the city about what they want to do with the awnings.”

New Business

Vonderschmidt said he was contacted by Tim Althouse, who recently had the sewer back up into his basement. According to Vonderschmidt, Althouse spent an afternoon and rented a roto-rooter to clean out his line, before learning there wasn’t anything in his line. Vonderschmidt said Althouse then looked into the manhole and it was full of water. The next day, the line – which was the City’s main sewer line – was able to be unplugged.

Vonderschmidt said Althouse was wanting to be reimbursed for renting the roto-rooter machine and for his lost wages for taking time off work. Althouse said there was no damage to his basement as it is unfinished and he was able to squeegee the water to his floor drain and the sump pump drained the water.

After discussion, Vonderschmidt asked if any of the council members wanted to make a motion to reimburse Althouse for the cost of renting the machine, which was $42. The conversation died due to a lack of a motion.

Kramer asked if Fairview Mills was doing an expansion of their business. Vonderschmidt confirmed they were and said there had not been a building permit filed. After discussion, Rosenberger said she would take a building permit to Fairview Mills for them to fill one out, so the city has one on file.

K. Rettele said she paid the City’s insurance of $10,406, which was an increase of $894.

Keim asked if Blanton could spray the henbit, which is coming up around the Fairview Community Building. Blanton said he would, but needed to get more spray.

The council discussed Fairview’s Citywide Cleanup project. The council said they would ask about getting dumpsters to put on Main Street during the weekend of Saturday and Sunday, May 14-15.

Keim said she would take care of scheduling for the Fairview Ball Field again this year.

Executive Session

The council went into executive session for 20 minutes to discuss possibly selling multiple pieces of city property. Present for the executive session were Mayor Vonderschmidt, council members Renner, Harvey, Bletscher and Kramer, treasurer K. Rettele, and secretary Rosenberger.

Following the executive session, Kramer motioned that the ground behind Alan Armstrong’s – as long as he takes care of all costs and at no cost to the city – that we will give him the ground. The motion was seconded and approved with all in favor.

Vonderschmidt also announced that the City of Fairview is going to list some of the city property with a realtor, after they contact someone who was interested in possibly purchasing property. Vonderschmidt said there are four partial properties up for sale.

Also at the meeting:

The council approved the minutes from the Thursday, March 3, meeting and the treasurer’s report.

Also, the council approved paying the bills, including a bill from Draperie Décor for $367.05.

The next regular meeting will be held Thursday, May 5, at the Fairview Community Building.

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