Visions of the future

Often I find myself listening to one of my favorite podcast sermons and connecting the lesson to something familiar. It is my way of relating what I learn from Pastor Allen or Greg Laurie into some aspect of what is going on locally. Seven years ago when the idea of forming the Greater Sabetha Community Foundation came about, it was with a “vision of the future.” So, when Pastor Allen announced a sermon series titled, I listened and did some reminiscing while planning for the future.

My dad taught me to listen to smart people and I find myself surrounded by this type of people often, which might say as much about me as the others! The people who have stepped up to serve on the board of GSCF are smart people and one of them made a comment that was so darn smart I have returned to it over and over.

Dwight Edelman told me that he is all in as a board member right now, but he said, let’s begin to think of and ask the area young people to get involved so “we can turn it over to them in a few years.”

This might not seem like a revelation to you, but it was to me. I needed to listen, then admit that I am one of those “old” ones and move forward on Dwight’s suggestion.

As I listened to Pastor Allen speak about the future, he reminded me of the youthfulness of Stephen, who was the first Christian martyr. He was a young, devout Jesus follower who was stoned to death for his beliefs. Now, it’s a stretch for me to have made a connection with the story of Stephen and our community foundation board, but that is how my brain works.

So, I remembered what Dwight suggested and I thought he is right on! Sabetha is so fortunate to have many young people who have returned or who have decided to make Sabetha their home because they love it here. Their presence here shows their commitment and it’s our responsibility to help them get plugged in and involved.

When I moved to Sabetha 45 years ago, Marie Montgomery called me and asked if I would help her with the bloodmobile. I said yes, of course! She had influence and I wanted to get to know people in town. Next, I got a call from Carol Lehman. Would I help her with an after school Bible program at church? I said yes, of course! She was someone who influenced me once again to get involved.

I shared this with the current board members and all agreed that we need youthful influence and new ideas. So, our planned Board Retreat was reformatted into a discussion of “visions for the future.” Present were 14 current board members and ambassadors and eight new (and younger) community members who came because they care – they have a vision for the future.

Vern Henricks, CEO of GMCF, led the discussions about “community needs,” community “pluses,” community “minuses,” and then how do we meet these needs and how do we move forward to help fulfill a good vision for our town? We all agreed that it will be a process, but one that is important and can’t be ignored or pushed off on the next generation.

Everyone who attended came away with enthusiasm, hopes and visions for the future. GSCF is looking forward to pulling in more people who want to make a difference and have a vision for the future our community. Maybe you are one. Please consider contacting a current board member: Bill Simpson, Von Lauer, Marvin Kohlmeier, Amy Mitchell, Steve Lukert, Dwight Edelman, John Mowder, Daniel Tramp, Connie Joy, Bart White or Kelly Girton. Or reach out to one of our newest board members: Amber Bletscher, Lillian Brownlee, Jamie Strahm, Kyle Stallbaumer, Paul Wenger or Brian Voos. Together, our vision for the future can become reality!


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Leslie Scoby is the Vice President of the Greater Sabetha Community Foundation Executive Board.


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