Letter: Roe v. Wade

Dear Editor, 

If the justices who have cast their vote to overturn Roe don’t succumb to pressure, there is much to celebrate. The murder of babies will no longer be countenanced by our highest court. Even so, “celebrate” seems like the wrong word for several reasons: 1) Our mood should not be celebratory, but rather like those present at a school shooting. No one celebrates when the shooting stops. They soberly walk out of the school with tears streaming down their faces. 2) The Court decision (if it holds) is only a verbal renunciation of an abominable practice that should have never existed. 3) It’s not over. Babies are being murdered as you’re reading this, and abortion will not end until every state bans it and commits to punishing those who would perform or seek abortions. This is not a time for a victory lap… Though I once wrongly supported Value Them Both – before I understood the problems with it – there are many biblical reasons to reject this amendment in August. VTB makes exceptions for rape and incest, which allows the baby to be murdered for the sins of the father. VTB makes an exception for the life of the mother – a loophole that abortionists drive trucks through. VTB treats the woman as a victim when she is not a victim. If you take your baby in to have someone else kill it, you’re not a victim; you’re a guilty accomplice, even if someone pressured you to do it. But if Roe is about to be overturned, there is no reason whatsoever to support something that simply regulates where, how, and under what circumstances murder is acceptable. That was always a morally bankrupt approach, but now it is inconceivable. If the goal is the end of abortion, then why continue the VTB incrementalist approach of chipping away at infanticide? An abolition bill has been crafted and is ready. We have legislators who have said they are willing to abolish abortion entirely. Now, all we need is sufficient pressure on House and Senate leadership to approve an abolition bill that they have previously opposed for the sake of VTB. Do we really need to wait until next January to stop the killing? Is there any defensible reason to permit thousands more murders over the next nine months? Even if a special session is needed, isn’t human life worth a few extra tax dollars?

Curtis Knapp

Rural Seneca


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