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As I think about this past year, I realize that there are many heroes in our schools who have contributed to our success. Often, when we think of heroes, we think of a huge accomplishment or act of bravery. It is important to realize that people are heroes through smaller, everyday actions. We can be a hero by listening to a student who needs someone to talk with. We can be a hero by intervening in a situation where a person is not being treated appropriately. We can be heroes by being the very best we can be at our jobs. We can be heroes by modeling lifelong learning and the work ethic that we expect from our students.

We are fortunate to have amazing adults serving our children in this school district. They are dedicated professionals who strive to make a difference. They are the teachers and the classified staff that come to work every day in the face of many challenges – trying to make a difference for each kid they see.

Our heroes are secretaries, custodians, para-educators, bus drivers and cooks. They all contribute to a culture of positivity within our buildings. They all impact our students on a daily basis in different ways.

Our heroes are teachers who are responsible for student learning of the established curriculum. While accomplishing this, they are also expected to teach manners, work ethic, promptness, respect and empathy. They are expected to correct, discipline, reward, reinforce, model and prepare our young people for the next step in their lives.

We have teachers who report to work early or stay late to offer their students additional support. They are dedicated employees who go above and beyond because they know in their hearts that they make a difference.

I feel fortunate to be associated with individuals who work for our district because they love kids. We ask more and more of our staff every year as the needs of our students continue to transform and societal demands on schools increase. USD No. 113 staff continues to step up and make a difference.

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Todd Evans currently serves as Superintendent of Prairie Hills USD No. 113 in Kansas. USD No. 113 operates Pre-K through 12 schools in the communities of Sabetha, Wetmore and Axtell.

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