Acreage reporting for 2022 need finalized

Submitted by Rob Larkin

Once Spring planting is completed, producers will need to finalize their 2022 acreage reports. 

The Nemaha County FSA Office has mailed map packets to operators to help with the reporting process. Please follow the enclosed instructions and return the maps to the Nemaha County FSA Office once planting is complete so the acreage can be loaded. After the crops are loaded, the FSA Office will contact producers to review and sign the FSA-578, Report of Acreage. The deadline for having 2022 acreage reporting completed is July 15, 2022.

Note: Please remember to report forage and grazing acreage.

Upon reviewing the maps, if you are missing maps or if you received maps for ground that you are no longer operating, please notify the Nemaha County FSA Office at 785-336-2164. If you have corrections that need to be made to your maps, please mark those areas on the maps with estimated acreage. The FSA Office will get field boundaries updated if changes can be seen on the current imagery. 

Note: The FSA Office receives new imagery in two-year intervals. The current image on your maps is from July of 2021. New imagery should be received by county offices in the fall of 2023. FSA does paid-for measurement services for producers who would like to have their field boundaries or crop acreage measured prior to receiving new imagery. 

If interested, please contact the FSA Office at 785-336-2164. If you have any further questions, please call the Nemaha County FSA Office at 785-336-2164.

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