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125 Years

Thursday, May 27, 1897

Having sold my half interest to E. Keim, I will still rustle the real estate and will take in everything that comes my way. Thanking one and all for the past, I will hereafter be found on first floor of my building opposite post office, best known as Sabetha Seed Store. Yours very truly. – Noah Walters.

Notice. Owing to the dissolution of partnership of the firm of Hamman & Son, it is necessary to have the partnership business settled. All persons knowing themselves indebted to said firm will please call and settle without delay. Respectfully, F. G. Hamman.

A Rare Chance. I will sell my stock consisting of farm machinery and horses, and lease my farm in Oklahoma – eighty acres in cultivation and the other eighty in pasture. I will give immediate possession. For further particulars call on James O’Byrne at the harness shop, or address Thomas O’Byrne, Burton, Oklahoma.

Miss Mary Whitehead has secured one of the rooms of the school building and intends holding a summer school. All those who have not passed in any branch of their studies at school will do well to attend and review. The small children will be taught a kindergarten course.

100 Years

Thursday, May 25, 1922

Decoration Day Proclamation. Tuesday, May 30th, being the day set aside by the Nation to commemorate the valor of our fallen soldiers, it is requested that the citizens of Sabetha close their places of business during the hours of 2:30 and 4:30, in order to attend the Services in the Memorial Building and to decorate the graves in the cemetery. Geo R. Conrad, Mayor. – Adv.

Colds in the spring, always dangerous, are caused by allowing the furnace fire to go out and refusing to relight it, after living all winter in over-heated houses. When the thermometer is 80 a heatless house is all right, but mornings and evenings when the thermometer stands at 60 or even 70, a mild fire should be kept up somewhere. This is true of city heat. It should be turned on mornings and evenings. Every  user of city heat can turn off the heat in his own building according to his desire. But enough heat should be left in pipes to permit users to have heat it they want it. Every other person you have met for two weeks is suffering from inexcusable spring colds.

There is a lot of talk in Sabetha for W.E. Johnson to run for county commission. As representative in the legislature and as assessor in Rock Creek township and in doing many thankless jobs for the public the Sabetha man has brought a saneness and fairness that grows more impressive as we see his work in the perspective. While it may seem to Mr. Johnson something of an imposition to urge him to assume another public task yet there is a need for such service as he is peculiarly capable of giving the county. For some days the call for Mr. Johnson has been growing until it looks as if it amounts to a demand. It is the eleventh hour. Whatever is come will have to be done quickly.

There was a report in Sabetha this week that there would be no more Sunday baseball at Sun Springs. Milt Snyder says the report is news to him, and he is the one that ought to know it first. The Sabetha team will continue playing at Sun Springs as in the past. Sun Springs had a good crowd Sunday for picnicking, bathing and baseball. The saxaphone band was a daisy.

75 Years

Wednesday, May 21, 1947

Injured In Gas Explosion. Orville Glenn, who moved to Sabetha from Hiawatha to work at the Nemaha creamery milk plant, was badly burned about the face, arms and hands Friday morning in an accident at the milk plant. Accumulated gas in the boiler burner, which had been turned off for repairs, exploded. Glenn was taken to the Sabetha hospital but was dismissed Tuesday.

Mayor Earl McQuillen underwent a difficult hernia operation at the Sabetha hospital Monday. Tuesday he was hollering for something to eat and, though he wasn’t feeling so hot, there was evidence he’d be up and at ‘em again before long. Friends fear only one thing about his recovery: if the fire whistle blows while he’s in the hospital it’s going to be hard to hold the chief down.

To Return War Dead. Fred Dienstbier advises that the Sabetha post of the Veterans of Foreign Wars has information on return of war dead. Expense will be borne by the government. Next of kin will be notified from the War Department where the body is now interred and when it will be moved if such has been requested. An armed guard will escort each body from the U.S. port of receiving to the place of interment.

Improvements For Highway 75. The Topeka State Journal says improvements on U.S. Highway 75 from Topeka to the Nebraska state line are in prospect. The story indicates the road for the pavement north of Topeka into Holton will be given a new slab, presumably concrete. This “will be provided before the end of the present calendar year,” says The Journal, and adds, “Following completion of the Holton improvement, similar surfacing will be provided Sabetha north to the Nebraska line.” Travelers on this stretch of highway hope their cars will hold out this long.

50 Years

Thursday, May 25, 1972

The Chamber of Commerce Retail Committee has announced that the “good old days” will be in Sabetha for a short time. Participating merchants are sponsoring a five cent hot dog and five cent coke (the last of the bargains) during their Moonlight Madness Sidewalk Bazaar on June 3 between 7 p.m. and 11 p.m. Everything at the stand will be five cents until the “well runs dry.”

The city commissioners of Sabetha have announced the following appointments for the next fiscal year to executive positions: Alma Aberle, city clerk; William Deaver, city treasurer; Bernard Wiltz, municipal judge; Melvin Mowder, Supt. of General Services; Homer Bechtelheimer, Supt. of Electric Generating Plant; Bunce Palmer, Supt. of Water Filtration Plant; Ralph McCord, city marshal.

25 Years

Wednesday, May 21, 1997

Although it still has an escape clause, the Sabetha City Commission made a commitment to support a NEK-CAP development plan that will bring additional affordable housing to the city. The commission voted unanimously to make a grant application to the Kansas Department of Commerce and Housing on behalf of NEK-CAP that would make two grants totaling $600,000 available for development of the project.

PHOTO: Kari Ulrich, Kerry Priest and Amber Kesler shared valedictorian honors for the Sabetha High School class of 1997 and the microphone during a brief speech at SHS graduation ceremonies Saturday.

Personnel at the Nemaha County Weed Department want residents to know they are not Big Brother. Last month, the county commission charged Todd Swart, noxious weed director, with the responsibility of administering a $5,000 Kansas Department of Health and Environment grant which is to be used to locate and remove the stockpiles of used tires in the county.

With an incentive that encourages the production and use of ethanol under attack by senators and congressmen representing oil-producing states, farmers may want to keep an eye on Washington as well as the weather as they finish planting their fall crops.

Wenger donates scoreboard. Troy Lay of the city’s electrical department put the finishing touches on the new electronic scoreboard at the city pool. Wenger Manufacturing donated the scoreboard for the use of the Sabetha Swim Team. City employees have been working to prepare the pool for its opening on Memorial Day.

10 Years

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sabetha High School golf team earning second place at state includes Tyler Ulrich, Kevan Herbster, Benji Stoller, Matt Manning, Nolan Keim, Kyle Stallbaumer and Coach Randy Hall. 

Meggie Hall is the 2012 valedictorian of Sabetha High School. Darren Meyer is the 2012 valedictorian of Bern High School. Kelsey Henry is the 2012 valedictorian of Wetmore High School. Tanner Matson is the 2012 salutatorian of Sabetha High School. Nichole Boden is the 2012 salutatorian of Wetmore High School. Nicholas Wiers is the 2012 salutatorian of Bern High School.

The Prairie Hills USD No. 113 Board of Education is taking applications for Board Position No. 2. The position was vacated due to the untimely death of longtime board member Roger Brockhoff. The voting district includes the part of the district within the city limits of Sabetha, beginning at the intersection of Berwick Road and North 14th Street, thence east to Old Highway 75, thence South to Main Street, thence west to the city limits, then north following the city limits to the place of beginning. After advertising for two consecutive weeks, the board will review the interested parties and then will appoint a new member by majority vote.

City prosecutor Martin Mishler filed a vicious dog complaint with the Municipal Court on Friday, May 18. The complaint came as a result of an incident occurring on Tuesday, May 15, in the 800 block of Jefferson. The Sabetha Police Department responded to a report of a vicious canine, reported to be a pit bull. It was reported that a juvenile had been severely bitten in the face by a canine and had been transported to the hospital. The alleged canine was taken into custody and is being held in the city pound. “Witnesses state that the little girl had been playing with the canine and had wrapped her arms around it and hugged it and for reasons not understood at this time, the canine suddenly bit the little girl in the face,” said police chief Robert Wahwasuck. “Witnesses stated that the canine only made one quick nip and stopped, but due to the size of the canine, a pretty serious injury resulted.”



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