Letter to the Editor: A plea for repentance

Dear Editor,

Another gut-wrenching school shooting has led to the same predictable political skirmishes. The Left, never wanting a crisis to go to waste, clamors for do-nothing, feel-good gun control measures. The Right denounces the Left’s opportunism, pokes holes in gun-control arguments and focuses on improved mental health screenings. Neither side grasps the real problem or solution. The real problem is that our nation has rejected God’s rule. Most Americans do not want to listen to the Bible or obey it. We have told God, “We do not want you to reign over us” (see Luke 19:14). So, God has given us what we asked for. What we did not realize is that the absence of God is the presence of Satan. You are either ruled by God or by Satan. Those are the only two options. We might like to think there is a third option called self-rule. But self-rule is only slavery to Satan, dressed up in the garb of democracy. In truth, we have unknowingly chosen Satan, who is a liar and murderer. When Satan rules a nation, it looks like ours. Mass shootings. Abortion (killing far more children than school shootings). Voices in our heads. Rampant suicide. Gangs. Child abuse. Sex before marriage. Adultery. Homosexuality. Transgenderism. Filthy entertainment. Pornography. Kidnapping. Sex trafficking. Lying. Stealing. Cursing. False religion, false teachers and useless churches. Drug addiction. Drunkenness. Lawsuits. Divorce. Broken homes. Orphans. Undisciplined children. Feminist daughters. Aimless sons. Generations of lazy, unemployed grifters. Massive debt. Burgeoning prisons. Totalitarian government. Exorbitant and purposeless taxation. Shoddy education. A broken justice system. A limp-wristed military. Civil war, etc. The carnage goes on and on. Make no mistake about it, Satan is ruling America by the permission of an unwelcome and offended God. There is no political solution for what ails us. Politics is broken. God will not bless the political efforts of those who hate Him, and things will continue to implode. There is no exorcist to help us, except the Jesus we have rejected. We must humbly plead for His return. Performing religious rituals more diligently will not stop the progress of our cultural cancer. Repentance of sin – sin defined by God in His Word, not by us – is the need of the hour. Faith in Jesus Christ alone as our righteousness and as a perfect, once-for-all atonement for our sins. Not Jesus plus something else. Jesus alone.

Curtis Knapp, Rural Seneca


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