Memories 6.1.2022

125 Years

Thursday, June 3, 1897

Noah Walters Is in Sabetha, Kansas, to stay, and will do a general land and exchange business. Has private and company money to loan on from one month to 10 years time. Office opposite postoffice. Correspondence solicited.

Rush Emmert has been appointed section foreman on the Rock Island at DuBois, and went up there Tuesday evening to take charge.

The terms of thirty United States Senators expire in 1899. This means at least five or six legislative deadlocks, blocking business and depriving the people of their rights of representation. Globe Democrat.

It is curious to observe what a divergence of opinion there is among the farmers as to the extent of damage to crops by last week’s rains. Some think the crops are almost ruined, while others think the damage is slight. Still others have opinions ranging between these.

100 Years

Thursday, June 1, 1922

Mrs. Will Lambertson is her husband’s manager in his gubernatorial race. Mrs Lambertson is a very clever, witty speaker with a natural gift for politics and management. She rented and furnished with mahogany an office for headquarters in Topeka for Mr. Lambertson. She engaged a stenographer and sent out letters and literature and had things moving like an express train before Mr. Lambertson ever saw the office. The stenographer is one of the best from the Santa Fe offices where she had been employed for fifteen years.

Bad roads kept interesting visitors from Sabetha last week, whose visit had been looked forward to by many. The Misses Martin are bacteriologists and widely known in their profession, one is located in Kansas City, the other in Cincinnati. They were visiting Dr. Shannon, their uncle in Hiawatha, and planned to spend the weekend over here with their cousin, Winfield Kehler. The Misses Martin are daughters of Kit Martin, who in turn was a son of Armstrong Martin a pioneer of Fidelity, recalled with interest by many old settlers.

A.J. Dowis, who was principal of the Morrill school last term left last week for Perth, Sumner county to conduct a farm owned by his mother-in-law and which he has been running during the summer for several years. He will be principal in the new rural high school at Parker, Linn county next fall.

There is some sense to Frank Norrie’s advertisement in this issue of The Herald. Farmer Norrie advertises that he wants to sell strawberries and the cream that goes with them.

75 Years

Wednesday, May 28, 1947

Injured In Accident. Two navy nurses en route to California were injured when their new Buick car skidded on wet pavement a mile and a half east of Fairview Monday afternoon about 5:30. They were brought to the Sabetha hospital in the W. R. Popkess ambulance where they were treated for head and back injuries. They are Ethel Himes, U.S. Naval Hospital, Corona, Calif., and Evelyn Groves, U.S. Naval Hospital, Long Beach, Calif. The Buick was badly damaged.

Improvements At Schools. The two school buildings are being thoroughly cleaned and rooms on the second floor of the grade school are being redecorated. The rooms on the first floor were redecorated last year. A new furnace is being placed in the high school building to replace the one installed when the building was erected. A new gas water heater ordered last winter is being installed for use in the shower room.

50 Years

Thursday, June 1, 1972

The Sabetha Jaycee Jaynes recently purchased and installed three new kiddie swings at the city baseball park on Sixth Street. City workmen installed the swings on the north side of the park near the larger swings.

Grace Thompson of Sabetha sends information regarding an old organ that was sold at the Sam Breon household sale last week. According to Grace her sister and husband, Ernest and Iola Franklin began housekeeping soon after their marriage on Feb. 3, 1895, on a farm five miles southwest of Sabetha. It is now the Arthur Sylvester farm. Around 1897 the Franklin’s purchased this organ (probably from Fred Minger, Grace says) and then in 1917, it was sold when the Franklins held an auction. George Weiss, brother of Mrs. Sam Breon, bought the organ at this sale for his sisters who were then all living at home. George Weiss died in 1937.

25 Years

Wednesday, May 28, 1997

The Walk-In Hunting Area program, which made private land available for public hunting, proved popular with both landowners and hunters in its first year. Randy Whiteaker, biologist for the Kansas Department of Wildlife, said last year was the first the department offered the program statewide. The program offers landowners the opportunity to lease land to Wildlife and Parks for contracts running from either September or November through January. Atlases listing these tracts are then made available to licensed hunters.

Those accustomed to the Northeast Kansas Community Action Program’s association with Head Start and local food pantries may be surprised to see the agency taking the lead in bringing affordable housing to Sabetha. But last week, the Sabetha City Commission made a commitment to support the proposal in which NEK-CAP would be the developer of a 36-unit, $3 million housing complex near the Sabetha ALCO.

10 Years

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Former cheerleader Lucy Payne Leuze Pries of Denver, Colorado, Sabetha High School Class of 1926, is the oldest alumna in attendance at the Sabetha High School Alumni Banquet Saturday evening, May 26, repeating last year’s appearance. She and her grandson-in-law Eric Rademacher enjoy a fast dance to the music provided by the Sabetha High School Alumni Dance Band. Lucy turned 104 years old on May 23, and on May 24, she and her family headed to Sabetha for the Sabetha High School Alumni festivities. Her family reports that she has apparently found the fountain of youth, because her neighbors in Colorado say she acts 10 years younger after her trip to the Sabetha High School Alumni activities. She is credited with writing the words to the Sabetha High School song.

The Sabetha Fire Department had a busy holiday weekend, with a call to a fire each day, according to Sabetha Fire Chief Jim Johnson. At 10:40 p.m. Saturday, May 26, the fire department responded to a fire at the Sabetha Country Club at 2551 X Road, for a fire under the porch. The firemen extinguished the fire by removing the front part of the porch and some of the porch floor. They then ventilated the basement and clubhouse to get rid of the smoke.


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