Memories 6.8.2022

125 Years

Thursday, June 10, 1897

Strayed. From R. B. Briney’s, west of Berwick, June 2, light bay horse, about 8 years old, rangy and rough built, white star in forehead, one white hind foot, rather wild. Please send work to C. E. Briney, Berwick, Ks. Reasonable reward for information leading to recovery.

The lots of the old mill site, north of the Grand Island track, have been sold to M. M. Austin, for $225. We understand he intends to build on them after awhile.

C.S. Eisenbise has opened up a restaurant and confectionery on East Main street, and is ready now for business. Good meals, board furnished by the day or week. Home made bread a specialty. Give him a call.

The case of J. L. Musgrove vs. H. J. Deaver occupied the attention of Justice Wickins’ court Monday and Wednesday, on a change of venue from Justice Cook’s court. Judgment was given for plaintiff for $7.35.

100 Years

Thursday, June 8, 1922

Bert Smith fell off of a load of hay Monday on the John Williamson place and broke his collar bone. Dr. Hibbard had no sooner taken care of him than Ed Pendergrass called. His horses became excited and trampled him. He feared his legs were broken but they proved to be just bunged up. Walter Pendergrass started out with the horses Tuesday. The animals were still nervous and almost got away with him too. Ed will be around in a few days.

Tuesday, June 6, a deal was made whereby F.F. Barnes gets the Andrew Bougher new bungalow on Second and Grant Sts. Mr. Boughers got the Main street residence where A.B. Lanning lives. Then Bougher traded the Main street house to Joe Mize for the Main Street hotel. Mr. Boughers took possession at once. The deal was made by Baskett & Trimble.

A real act of neighborly kindness was done Monday when Smith Ayers with cultivator and Messrs, Greenfield, Reard O.E., West and Wickham, with hoes and wheel-hoes went into E. J. Myrick’s garden destroying the weeds and putting the garden in fine shape. Mr Myrick is not able to be out yet.

The quarantine was raised on the Hovey home in Leavenworth Monday. Mrs. H. N. Hovey had smallpox in a very bad form. Mr. and Mrs. H. N. Hovey left Wednesday for their home in Wichita. Mrs. Wallace Hovey accompanied them as far as Kansas City. 

A. McDermott and Mrs. Charles Corning accompanied Mrs. McDermott to Sabetha Wednesday. Mrs. McDermott has been ill for past several months and went to consult doctors at the Sabetha hospital. – World.

75 Years

Wednesday, June 4, 1947

A Tornado Protection Plan. Because there have been numerous destructive tornadoes in this area recently, resulting in high loss of life, Mayor Earl McQuillen has made arrangements for local storm warnings. Details of the plan have been worked out by W. R. Popkess. In the event that storm clouds in this area indicating the approach of a twister are observed, citizens in the surrounding territory are asked to call the telephone operator at once and give the locality and indicated path of such a storm. The operator will then put out a line call to persons in the indicated danger area. The city will be warned by continual blowing of the fire siren Mayor McQuillen asks, however, that calls not be made unless a definite tornado or twister formation is seen, to avoid unnecessary inconvenience.

Frost Damage Believed Small. An unseasonably cold wind storm which hit Sabetha Wednesday of last week caused considerable trouble with public utility wires, but it is believed there was little actual frost damage, though it will take some time to determine the full results. The outside thermometer at the Sabetha light plant registered 34 degrees just before daylight Thursday morning. There was definite evidence of frost on roof tops and some water in bird baths was frozen slightly. However, close to the ground it appeared the frost was lighter.

50 Years

Thursday, June 8, 1972

The exciting story of Roger Locher’s rescue from the jungles of Vietnam 23 days after his jet was shot down, has been in newspapers throughout the country. Former Sabethan Maxine Masheter of Santa Monica, Calif., sends The Herald clippings of the account that appeared in the Los Angeles newspapers with the note, “Know there is rejoicing in Sabetha.” Another former Sabethan, Charles Baskett, who is with an architectural firm in New York City, performs a similar favor from the east coast and the New York Times. One Sabetha woman was expressing her unhappiness with the fact she couldn’t remember Roger Locher in school. “All my friends from away will be asking me about him and I’ll have to say I don’t even know this boy that has become practically a national hero!” Another Sabetha woman did a little home work and looked Roger up in the Sabetha High School annual since he was in her daughter’s class. She reported the annual seemed to have him pegged. “It said something like he was the kind of boy that will accomplish big things and do it in an unassuming manner.”

The Sabetha Post Office will become part of Area Mail Processing, one of the newest innovations of the U.S. Postal Service on June 24, 1972, it was announced by Postamaster George Althouse.

25 Years

Wednesday, June 4, 1997

Galen Ackerman and Russell Harrell are proving the old warning about going in business with a friend should always be heeded. The two men are increasing the bonds of their eight-year business relationship. “As the company has grown, Russ expressed an interest in purchasing part of the company,” Ackerman said. “Linda and I are excited about the potential that would represent. As of July 1, Russ and Kim will purchase part of Triple C and part of the new facility and real estate in the Sabetha Industrial Park.”

The construction of a new plant in the Sabetha Industrial Park is only the most visible change ahead for Sabetha’s Triple C Manufacturing.

Amy Margaret Saylor, Sabetha, daughter of Kent and Donna Saylor, Sabetha, and Jason Dean Mitchell, Sabetha, son of Doug and Sue Mitchell, Hamilton, were united in marriage April 5, 1997, at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Sabetha. The ceremony was conducted by Fr. Emeric Fletcher.

10 Years

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dennis Stones has lived his life building foundations on which children could grow into productive, successful adults. Finally, after 20 years in the educational system in Sabetha, Stones is stepping into the next chapter of his life – retirement. “It was a fast 20 years,” Stones said. “I have really enjoyed my time here. I have enjoyed the staff and others I have had the opportunity to work with. I will certainly miss that ‘We’re all in this together’ atmosphere.” I want to spend time with my grandkids and have time to go to their activities,” Stones said. Stones and his wife Marilyn have been married for 40 years. They have two children, Brent and Stefany.

After eight years of working for Heartland Realty of Hiawatha, Steve Aeschliman has decided to start his own realty and auction company. He is officially operating Ash Realty and Auctions and taking listings for residential and commercial properties as well as land sales. The decision to venture on his own came after obtaining his broker’s license a year ago. “It was time to try something new,” Aeschliman said. “When I got my broker’s license, I thought I would eventually start on my own.”

“I have a passion for helping people live lives as healthy as possible,” Sabetha native John Hartter said of his new business venture as a natural health specialist. Hartter is currently attending Trinity School of Natural Health in Warsaw, Ind., through correspondence courses. When his degree is complete, he will become a certified nutritional consultant. While Hartter works through a distributor, Natures Sunshine, a nutritional health supplements company, he also offers individual health consultations and a ZYTO Compass health assessment.


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