Vote ‘yes’ on Value Them Both Amendment

Dear Editor,

On August 2nd, voters should vote “yes” on the Value Them Both Amendment. Let me explain why. In 2019, the Kansas Supreme Court created a nearly unlimited right to abortion by deciding that such a “right” exists in our 1859 Kansas Constitution. I doubt that the framers of our state constitution had the practice of abortion in their thoughts when drafting that document. However, the ruling in 2019 made it impossible to even regulate abortion in the simplest of ways. In April 2021, it led to the nullification of the ban on live dismemberment abortions, a barbaric procedure. That decision led also to a December 2021 ruling that struck down a law that provided for specific safety standards and inspections that abortion clinics needed to follow. According to Kansans for Life (KFL), taxpayer-funded and late-term abortions could continue to increase in Kansas, because Kansas now has been seen as an “abortion-destination state” because of the 2019 ruling. The Kansas Department of Health and Environment stated that, from 2019 to 2021, the number of out-of-state residents traveling to Kansas for abortions had risen by 15 percent and the number of late-term abortions had increased by 17 percent. These facts are deplorable. Medical science has proven that babies in the womb feel pain at least by 15 weeks, and many researchers say babies feel pain much earlier at 12 weeks. A May 2022 poll released by Fox News (jointly conducted by Republican and Democrat pollsters) found that 54 percent of Americans believe abortions should not occur after 15 weeks. Contrary to much disinformation, the Value Them Both Amendment will not prevent all abortions from occurring. Here is what it will do: 1. A “yes” vote simply will amend the Kansas Constitution to clearly state that our constitution does not have within it a right to unlimited abortion. 2. A “yes” vote will return to the state legislators the ability to formulate laws on abortion that reflect the views of the voters (the people who elect these legislators). 3. A “yes” vote also will stipulate that our state does not require government funding of abortion. I encourage voters to ignore the misinformation of pro-abortion activists and to reflect on what the amendment actually states. The amendment places value on both the child in the womb and on the safety of the pregnant woman.

Darlene Rake, Horton


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