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125 Years

Thursday, June 24, 1897

We hear that some of our more nervous ones were hunting their “fraid holes” last Friday night, but John Mowder tells us there was no danger of tornadoes that night. 

Call at this office before ordering any magazine or paper. We can save you money.

George Cassity, of the K. P. crowd which went to Seneca from Bern, got home by rail via Sabetha Sunday, having staid over at Seneca on account of the heavy rains. He knows water is an extremely dangerous element.

Mr. Debs is said to be very enthusiastic over his socialistic colony scheme. Of course. The leaders of the several hundred similar schemes which have gone to the bone yard were likewise enthusiastic. It takes enthusiasm to start a fool project like this.

When a man gets flattened out to the extent that he feels constrained to leave the “corrupt old parties,” his stomach ache is something fearful while the acute stage lasts. Wannamaker has it so had that he exhibits his sores in Sunday school conventions.

100 Years

Thursday, June 22, 1922

We desire that people discontinue spreading rumors throughout the community which are absolutely false. Mrs. C. Lamparter and family. Adv.

The Sabetha baseball team will play at Beattie Sunday. Beattie has part salaried team. At the Goff game last Sunday Nick Maynard started. Herman Kloepfer followed and Dewey Strahm finished the game as pitcher.

Harvest Special Easy shoes – light straw hats, cool overalls, work gloves, light work shirts, rubber sole shoes. All these will add comfort and make your work easy. Buy these at Brumbaughs Dept. Store. – Adv.

Frank Norrie went to Topeka Tuesday to bring home six head of merit registered Jersey cows. The cows all have butter records. It looked like Frank’s boys were going to show him their dust in growing quality, live stock so he had to get into the game in order to maintain his position of authority in the family.

The officers, directors and keeper of the Sabetha golf course ten in all, went to Topeka Tuesday to take notes on the Topeka golf linkses. In addition to those mentioned elsewhere there were George Jones, John Kerr, President Charles Ott and Loyd Column. The ten stopped at Holton to view the Holton golf course. Considering everything it was decided that the Sabetha golf course must have sand greens.

Mrs. Doc Wittwer recently gathered a White Leghorn hen’s egg that measured eight and a half inches around the long way and six and quarter iches around the smaller circumference. “You see,” explained Doc Wittwer in telling about the big egg. “We always eat the big eggs and sell the small eggs. So we cracked the big egg and found a complete egg inside with a complete shell. Having eaten the big part of the egg, naturally we will sell the smaller inside egg, giving us one egg to eat and one egg to sell for the single laying.”

75 Years

Wednesday, June 18, 1947

Sabetha Has a Few Octogenarians. George Kerr, one of the oldest, if not the oldest Sabethan, has a birthday June 20. He will be 90 years old. Mrs. Mary Deaver recently celebrated her 89th birthday. Mrs. J. F. Lukert was 82 on June 11. Mrs. Wm. Hiskey was 81 years old June 16. Mrs. J. D. Aeschliman will be 87 years old July 9 and Mrs. R. L. Bingham will be 86 years old on July 1. Mrs. Julia Bestwick, Sabetha’s oldest citizen, now at the home of a niece in Axtell is 94. There are others whose birthdays are scattered throughout the year but this group all celebrate in June and July.

Hail Causes Serious Damage. Hailstorms Monday night caused considerable damage to crops and property in scattered areas in this vicinity, with some crops completely wiped out while other farms escaped without damage. Heaviest destruction of crops was in the region south and west of Fairview, with both Fairview and Morrill hard hit, while the country north and west of Sabetha escaped with little loss. It was the first major hail in many years in Sabetha proper, and was accompanied by a 1.71 inch rainfall. Additional rain Tuesday night amounted to three-tenths of an inch with weather today continuing cloudy and threatening. Ed Humphrey of Woodlawn reports that the hail seems to have caused damage in three strips between there and Sabetha, while areas between the strips were unhurt.

50 Years

Thursday, June 22, 1972

Construction is progressing rapidly on the new residence being built by Johnny Menold at the west edge of Sabetha on Virginia Street. The two bedroom house is being constructed by Atland Building Contractors of Hiawatha. The house is 26 by 44 feet plus a car and a half garage. It will have central air conditioning, full basement and storm cellar. Completion is expected in about six weeks.

New routing of US 36 highway in Brown county is proceeding to the point where it will probably be designated in a matter of months. That was the report of John Montgomery, Junction City, state highway commissioner, in an interview. He said that the road is not being held up, that the money has been funded for the project, and as soon as the necessary procedure is taken finalization will come.

25 Years

Wednesday, June 18, 1997

The project director leading the effort to complete the master plan for the proposed Sabetha/Hiawatha Regional Airport Committee is confident it will eventually produce an airport to serve northeast Kansas. Jon Meulengracht, consultant with Bucher, Willis and Ratliff Corporation in Kansas City, traveled to northeast Kansas Monday to update both the Sabetha and Hiawatha city commissions on progress on the master plan. He said he believes the Federal Aviation Administration will give the master plan serious consideration once the agency receives it this fall.

Seven of nine visitors who heard the 6 p.m. siren signal the start of Monday’s Sabetha City Commission meeting were there to argue it should not be the last of the blasts that mark the passage of the city’s days. Supporters of the four-times-a-day signal not only showed up in force but presented the commission with a petition to keep the current schedule in place. The petition included over 180 names of those who wanted to keep the long-standing tradition of sounding the siren in place. “It’s a tradition in this town,” said Nadine Miller, one of those attending the meeting in support of the current schedule. “It’s probably been blowing for 100 years.” She and others argued the siren is used by townspeople as an alarm clock, dinner bell and reminder to perform daily tasks.

10 Years

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Prairie Hills USD No. 113 Board of Education met in special session Tuesday, June 12, at 6 p.m. at the district office. Two special meetings were scheduled for the evening. All board members were present, as well as current superintendent Dennis Stones, assistant superintendent Dr. Volora Hanzlicek, and new superintendent Bill Orth. Board members went into executive session for non-elected personnel beginning at 6:05 p.m. Stones, Hanzlicek and Orth were asked to remain in the executive session. Janelle Boden of Wetmore was asked to join the executive session at 6:27 p.m. and left the executive session at 7:15 p.m. Rick Schnacker of Bern was asked to join the executive session for 20 minutes. After two hours and 11 minutes, board members resumed regular session. Jeffrey DeMint and Luke Scoby were present at the regular session for the purpose of being interviewed for Position No. 2 on the board, which was left vacant due to the untimely death of longtime board member Roger Brockhoff in April.

What would you do if you answered the phone and a far-away photographer wanted to interview and photograph you for a book? At first, Mary Frances Hundley of Sabetha said she wasn’t sure what to think when Piero Ribelli, a professional and published photographer from New York City, asked her to be a part of his book. “I didn’t know if he was for real, but after talking with him multiple times and seeing other things he had published, I knew it was real,” Hundley said. Now, Hundley is glad she had faith in Ribelli, as she and her husband Joe will be one of the 50 feature stories in Ribelli’s book, “50 Main Street: The Face of America,” which will be released July 4, 2012. “There’s only one Sabetha in the whole United States, and I think it’s great that we’re going to be in a book,” Hundey said.

Three federal judges set new political boundaries for Kansas in a ruling Thursday, June 7, making a change in congressional districts that many Republican legislators have opposed. The panel released the order in a federal lawsuit that was filed last month. The judges drew new boundaries for congressional, state house, state senate and state Board of Education districts.

Kansas has joined several states this year in identifying an increase of pertussis cases, also known as whooping cough. Fifty-six confirmed cases have been reported to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment as of June 11. In 2011, only 52 confirmed cases were reported for the entire year. During 2011, and 2012, KDHE and local health departments have investigated eight outbreaks, including the ongoing outbreak in Johnson County.


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