Brown County Commission 6.20.2022

Submitted by Dawn Boyles, County Clerk

The Board of Brown County Commissioners met in regular session on Monday, June 20, with the following members present: Chairman Lamar Shoemaker, William Pollock and Richard Lehmkuhl. Also present was Brown County Clerk Dawn Boyles. County Attorney Kevin Hill was present for a portion of the meeting. Shoemaker opened the meeting at 8:10 a.m. All recited the Pledge of Allegiance. Pastor Jim Farris led the meeting with a prayer.

Department Reports

Brown County Emergency Manager Don Pounds discussed the SPARKS audit and the issues he has had compiling information.

Road and Bridge Secretary Tami Lehmkuhl discussed the two programs the department is looking at for mapping the bridges and culverts in the county. She also informed the board that the distributor is currently down.

Boyles presented a letter from Brown-Nemaha County Solid Waste Nancy Gafford requesting the commissioners appoint individuals to fill vacant positions on the board.

Also at the meeting:

The commissioners discussed a resolution establishing a moratorium and providing for the suspension of certain types of improvements on any land within the unincorporated area of Brown County; and directing that potential land use regulations for Brown County be developed. Commissioner Pollock discussed several specifics of the resolution he would like changed.

The board approved the June 13 minutes.

The June 15 payroll was approved as follows: General, $84,552.11; Road and Bridge, $17,937.63; Technology, $352.63; Appraiser, $8,308.50; Noxious Weed, $3,315.38; ACC, $11,804.15; JJA Core, $7,675.61; Reinvestment Grant, $2,989.03; Services for Elderly, $2,625.75; Solid Waste, $4,584.75; Special MVT, $2,800; Employee Benefit FICA, $9,230.31; and Employee Benefit KPERS, $10,242.46. After State Unemployment and Workers Compensation of $151.76 and Insurance of $8,428.42 were taken out, the total was $157,838.13.

The commissioners approved the Casino White Cloud cereal malt beverage license. 

The board agreed to allow the First Christian Church use of the Courthouse Square and restrooms on Aug. 6 contingent upon janitor availability.

Boyles discussed a request from a Brown County resident requesting the name of Services for the Elderly to Services for Seniors. The commissioners would like to educate more on the services offered through the Services for the Elderly department rather than change the name at this time.

Boyles discussed the IRS mileage increase to go into effect July 1.

Boyles requested a 10-minute executive session. The commissioners held a 10-minute executive session on non-elected personnel, with the three commissioners and Boyles present, to discuss personnel matters of non-elected personnel with executive session necessary to protect privacy interests. No binding action was taken following the executive session.

Commissioner Pollock discussed the comprehensive plan process.

Boyles informed the board that the second and final payment of $928,847.50 from the American Rescue Plan Act has been received.

The commissioners reviewed the proposed budgets for 2023.

The next regular meeting was held Monday, June 27. These minutes were not available at The Herald’s press time.


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