Memories 6.29.2022

125 Years

Thursday, July 1, 1897

Noah Walters is in Sabetha, Kansas, to stay, and will do a general land and exchange business. Has private and company money to loan on from one month to 10 years time. Office opposite postoffice. Correspondence solicited.

Mrs. T. K. Masheter and son, Edward, took advantage of the excursion rates for pleasure trip to California, starting yesterday. They will visit San Fransisco and other large places, returning in about three weeks.

Thanks are due our many patrons for their very liberal patronage during the year 1896. We appreciate it, and ask a continuance of your favors, during 1897. We are better prepared to save you money than ever before. Davis and McClary.

Lightning struck the barn at John Cochran’s, Friday night, and ripped shingles and siding to a considerable extent. The bolt passed through hay in the loft but did not set it on fire.

Grand Ball July 3rd. There will be a grand ball at G. A. R. hall on the evening of July 3rd. The proceeds will be used to help defray the expenses of the celebration. Good music, good order, plenty of room – a good time for all. Everybody cordially invited.

100 Years

Thursday, June 29, 1922

Recently two young men solicited orders for Nemaha county maps in and near Sabetha. They borrowed The Herald’s Nemaha county atlas and did not return it. This atlas is priceless because we cannot get another one. Will some one who has the address of the company the young men represent tell us the company’s address forthwith, please.

Virgil Miller, who was married in St. Joe last Wednesday has gone to Omaha to take a position with the World-Herald. He will have charge of a newspaper substation. Mr. and Mrs. Charley Miller of Sabetha attended the wedding. Mr. Miller is Virgil’s uncle. Charley’s brother, Frank, father of the bridegroom of Omaha and wife stopped on their way back to Omaha Saturday to spend a couple of days with the Millers.

A wire received from No. 2 and Bill Tennal sent collect Wednesday from Price, Utah, says they want some home news by telegram Wednesday night at Grand Junction, Colo., prepaid. They are homeward bound hell bent for election. When they fly the coop on you, you never want to chase them. Handle them just right and you can have them eating out of your hand.

A.Y.W.C.A club for girls the age of last year’s and next year’s senior classes in high school will be organized Friday night in Memorial Hall. Members will meet once a week for six weeks to discuss things of interest to girls. The spirit of the club will be that of the young Women’s Christian Association which stands for health, intelligence and character. Interesting books, art, vocations for girls and citizenship and ideals will be objects for the meetings. Lilian Hughes will be the leader.

Notice Concerning Fireworks. There is a city ordinance positively forbidding the shooting of fireworks in the fire limits of the City of Sabetha, or the business district. The Ordinance also prohibits the sale or shooting of firecrackers more than three inches in length. The City intends to see that this Ordinance is strictly enforced. Any violation of the law will be promptly punished. By Order of the Mayor.

75 Years

Wednesday, June 25, 1947

Cattle Poisoned. Harold Schmitt had a streak of bad luck over the week when he lost six head of cattle valued at at least $800. The exact cause of the deaths is not known but it is believed it was a grass poisoning or poison from a junk pile where there were some old paint buckets. Four were dead when found Sunday, two cows with calves died by evening, Monday, another was sick but recovered. The loss was very heavy. — Fairview Enterprise.

Fair Acres Becomes Airport. Sam Cook’s farm, Fair Acres, became an emergency landing field last Wednesday evening when Douglass Beers of Denver landed his plane in the backyard when a low ceiling prevented his completing a flight from Watertown, S.D., to Topeka. Beers, a salesman for the Arrow Manufacturing Co., was flying a former navy SNV. He spent the night with the Cooks and took off the next day to complete his flight.

New Drivers’ Licenses Required. Carlos Pautz has received notice from the state vehicle department of his reappointment as drivers’ license representative for Sabetha. All drivers of motor vehicles are required to buy new licenses for the period from July 1, 1947, to July 1, 1949. Pautz will begin accepting applications next Tuesday, July 1.

50 Years

Thursday, June 29, 1972

One of the most vicious hail, wind and rain storms ever to hit this area caused an untold thousands of dollars in crop damage east of Sabetha Tuesday afternoon. The huge hail stones stripped corn and milo stalks and flattened wheat fields to the ground. Several houses had windows knocked out and roofs damaged by the hailstones that ranged from golf ball size to softball size.

Kent Saylor announces that he is a Republican candidate for the office of County Attorney of Brown County. Mr. Saylor is a recent graduate from the University of Kansas Law School where he also did his undergraduate work in the School of Business. Kent and his wife, Donna Porter, formerly of Ottawa, Kans., are living in Morrill where Kent has lived his entire life.

25 Years

Wednesday, June 25, 1997

Wilde Tool Company is considering Sabetha as it contemplates moving from its long-time home in Hiawatha. Don Froeschl, president of Wilde Tool, said he recently toured several sites in the Sabetha Industrial Park with members of the Sabetha Industrial Development Corporation.

Two weeks of discussion on the proposed U.S. Highway 75 bypass provided plenty of debate but no consensus on what the Sabetha City Commission should recommend. Although the Sabetha City Commission indicated last week it would come to some decision at Monday’s meeting about recommending the bypass or the highway’s current route through the town, it became clear during the debate that neither alternative would garner a majority. It would appear the swing vote belongs to Commissioner Ron Brooks, and he made clear he is not willing to vote either way until he has more facts.

10 Years

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Lindsay McNary was one of eight Girl Scout Gold Award recipients from across the country who had the opportunity to meet President Barack Obama on Friday, June 8, at the White House in Washington D.C. “What an amazing experience it was to meet with President Obama and White House staff in celebration of the 100 year anniversary of Girl Scouting in America,” McNary said. “I am humbled to have been asked to represent the two million Girl Scouts in American as an example of what hard work and determination can accomplish.”

The Sabetha City Commission met at 6 p.m. Monday. June 25. Mayor Doug Clark and commissioner Nick Aberle were not present to start the meeting, although Aberle entered later. A representative of the Auburn Lake Company, Bryan Mellage, presented the board with a request for Sabetha to be one of the sponsors to apply for a grant with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment for a feasibility study on a Northeast Kansas Regional Water System. Mellage said there are 27 working regional water systems in Kansas right now. He is asking that the city consider partnering with other cities from just east of Marysville to Hiawatha to consider the regional water concept. If the grant were applied for and approved, KDHE would supply $12,500 matching funds for a feasibility study on the concept. Mellage stressed that the sponsor cities would have no financial obligation for the application or study.

After serving five years as the Wetmore Academic Center principal, David Schmitz is retiring this month. Schmitz has been involved in education for 36 years. He began his role as the WAC principal in 2007. Previously, he had been a physical education teacher and coach at Holton USD No. 336. In his early teaching years, he taught elementary phyiscal education for a few months at Corning Grade School. Schmitz said he has very much enjoyed working with the people of the Wetmore and Goff communities.

The Morrill City Council met in regular session on May 21, with members Tiffany Baumgartner, Roger Price, Ryan Menold, Jim Stone, and Melanie Teeter present. Mayor Leon Huning presided. Superintendent Lee Wymer was present. No visitors were present. Minutes were approved as read. Vouchers were approved on a motion by Price, seconded by Stone. All were in favor. Majoy Huning mentioned he had suggested to the county possibly transferring the Sperline property to the Chamber. Mayor Huning mentioned he had been approached by an individual concerning the property by the creek.


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