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On Monday, June 13, the Prairie Hills USD No. 113 Board of Education members toured the Sabetha Elementary School (SES) for an update on the district Construction/Remodel Project.

The following are updates from project manager Alan Schmitz, Project Manager at AHRS Construction, as of Monday, June 13:

Sabetha Elementary School Renovation

Construction is being done on the former office area of the Sabetha Elementary School on Monday, June 13.

According to Schmitz, demolition at SES is mostly complete. On June 13, two roof penetrations for roof top unit ductwork were yet to be completed, thought they are now finished. Also on June 13, two building wall penetrations for new ductwork into the multipurpose room were yet to be completed – they are still not completed at this time. Boiler and associated piping also are not removed at this time, but according to Schmitz, this work does not affect the continuation of renovation at SES.

The asbestos abatement is complete. Re-roofing of the south wing of the school was planned to start Tuesday, June 21.

RTU (roof top unit) ductwork is currently in progress. The delivery date for the RTUs is undetermined at this time. Putting up framed walls, drywall, etc., is currently in progress. Schmitz estimates the exterior window replacements at SES will begin approximately Monday, Sept. 19, and will be finished later in the fall. 



Sabetha Elementary School Addition

Progress is being made on the new gymnasium addition at the Sabetha Elementary School on Monday, June 13.

Schmitz planned to complete the concrete foundations for the SES addition early in the week starting Monday, June 20. The concrete foundations were complete on Tuesday, June 14.

Entry canopy foundations are to follow once the concrete foundations are complete. Schmitz plans to start those foundations on Wednesday, June 15.

The storm shelter CMU (concrete masonry unit) load-bearing walls were to be completed the week starting June 13, according to Schmitz, with structural steel to follow. The load-bearing CMU walls were completed on Thursday, June 23.

A concrete deck (cap) on the roof of the new storm shelter/gymnasium/music room/library/commons area etc., addition will follow structural steel. The concrete cap will provide additional storm protection.

An SOG (slab on grade) will be done in the new gym addition. This means a concrete slab will be poured onto a dirt/subgrade surface in that area. The slab will follow a mechanical rough-in, which is the process where any plumbing, electrical and HVAC items are placed in locations that are not usually visible. This includes under concrete; above a finished ceiling; or within a framed wall, masonry or chase – a vertical space in a wall that allows wires or pipes to run through.

Schmitz plans to complete the construction of the entryway canopy before school starts back up in August. A pre-engineered metal building for the new gymnasium, storm shelter, etc., addition will be delivered on Thursday, Aug. 4.

North parking (Alternate No. 5) is scheduled for completion before school begins in August. According to Schmitz, an alternate is an item of work that is not included within the base bid, but is bid as a separate item for review and may be individually approved or rejected by the owner. There were five alternate items included within this project. All five were approved by the school board. Alternate No. 5 is an additional parking lot and is located to the north of the new addition.

Wetmore Attendance Center

The gymnasium ceiling grid installation is currently in progress.

Ceiling panels were delivered on Monday, June 20, and most of the panels have been installed as of Friday, June 24. Lighting installation in the gymnasium will coincide with the ceiling panel placement.

Railings for Wetmore are being stored at the Sabetha construction site. According to Schmitz, these railings are to be installed at the second floor operable doors (windows) that overlook the original gymnasium. The railings will be used for fall protection. Schmitz plans to finish installing the railings before school begins in August.

Schmitz plans to finish replacing the HVAC window units before school starts up.

Axtell Public School

Schmitz plans for the following items to be completed before school starts: fire sprinkler service main (note: will require dumpster/miscellaneous removal/relocation); fire sprinkler system (note: ceiling removal/re-installation will create clean-up requirements); rated doors/frames/hardware; fume exhaust fan and connections; and plumbing, HVAC and electrical rough-in.

Schmitz plans to start removing the existing fire escape stairs and fill in the current fire exit exterior door, in the science room on the second floor, following the completion of the sprinkler system to be installed on all three floors of the main school building, not including the original gymnasium.

Delivery of the science room casework – cabinets, counter tops, etc., – and equipment is planned to arrive on Friday, Sept. 16. According to Schmitz, the science room will receive a new eight-student work station, a new adjustable work table, a new base cabinet for the fume hood (equipment), and new epoxy counter tops on the existing teacher’s desk and the existing west wall cabinets.

Progress is being made on the new gymnasium addition at the Sabetha Elementary School on Monday, June 13.
Pictured is the current state of construction outside the Sabetha Elementary School as of Monday, June 13.
Pictured is construction of a new office area at the Sabetha Elementary School on Monday; June 13.
Pictured is the current state of the former Sabetha Elementary School gymnasium/cafeteria as of Monday, June 13.










Pictured is one of the main hallways of the Sabetha Elementary School on Monday, June 13.
Construction is being done on the ceilings of the Sabetha Elementary School on Monday, June 13.

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