Firefighters receive $15.3 million from Kansas Insurance Department


The Kansas Insurance Department recently made its annual distribution to local Firefighter Relief Associations (FRAs). Pursuant to the Kansas Firefighters Relief Act, $15,366,221.47 has been distributed among 554 FRAs throughout the state.

Local FRAs included in the distribution are:

Nemaha County

• FRA No. 499 – Nemaha County No. 1 FRA: $2,931.30;

• FRA No. 495 – Nemaha County No. 2 FRA: $2,879.21;

• FRA No. 472 – Nemaha County No. 3 FRA: $1,762.62;

• FRA No. 736 – Nemaha County No. 4 FRA: $7,159.38;

• FRA No. 632 – Nemaha County No. 6 FRA: $3,260.13;

• FRA No. 378 – Sabetha – FRA: $14,233.28;

• FRA No. 393 – Seneca – FRA: $30,529.18.

Brown County

• FRA No. 200 – Everest FRA: $1,869.68;

• FRA No. 201 – Fairview-Walnut FD FRA: $8,973.62;

• FRA No. 241 – Hiawatha FRA: $20,883.33;

• FRA No. 249 – Horton FRA: $14,875.17;

• FRA No. 318 – Morrill FRA: $7,117.47;

• FRA No. 637 – Powhattan FRA: $1,606.38;

• FRA No. 375 – Robinson FRA: $5,810.20.

The funds from the Kansas Firefighters Relief Act are generated by a two-percent tax paid by insurance companies on fire and lightning insurance premiums written in Kansas. Associations primarily use their distributed funds for insurance premiums and safety enhancements.

The relief funds may pay for the health, accident, disability and life insurance premiums of local firefighters. Safety enhancements such as new firetrucks, fire station building improvements and firefighting gear can be purchased via relief funds loaned to local governing entities.

“Firefighters work to keep us safe, and the Kansas Firefighters Relief Act acknowledges those efforts by providing additional protections for firefighters and their loved ones,” said Insurance Commissioner Vicki Schmidt. “The Act not only gives first responders needed safety nets, but it also allows local communities to provide their citizens with improved firefighting equipment and resources.”

The statewide distribution of the 2022 Kansas Firefighters Relief Act funds can be viewed at Kansans can learn more about the Firefighter Relief Act by visiting


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