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125 Years

Thursday, July 8, 1897

Thieves! Our trade is booming. Even nights we have customers. The next time YOU come, please don’t smash the money drawer, etc Even the THIEVES how which is the store that carries the best goods. Our prices are so low it doesn’t hardly pay to steal the goods. Geo. Ira Adams, Spot Gash Hardware Store.

J. P. Grinstead was in attendance at the picnic, last Thursday. We didn’t notice the postoffice sticking out of his pocket, but it is likely he had it concealed about his person.

The past week has witnesses quite an epidemic of marriages, and Dame Rumor has it that there would have been still others but for unexpected hitches in the proceedings.

A large number of people from surrounding towns came to Sabetha last Saturday. The trains on both roads unloaded good sized crowds, but the largest number came on the Grand Island.

Jack Payne brought in a car load of fat cattle last Thursday, intending to ship them, but finally sold them to Fred West, who shipped them out the same night. They weighed about 1,125.

Probate Judge Moorhead was here to help us celebrate, Saturday, but fell early in the fight. In helping his son fire a cannon cracker he sustained a badly lacerated hand from a premature explosion.

A large number of people were caught in town by the rain Saturday night, but they were made welcome to shelter by the townspeople. Many houses were full, and many of the young fellows made a virtue of necessity and patronized the hay lofts of the livery barns.

100 Years

Thursday, July 6, 1922

The Baptists are planning a basket supper at the Ferd Pautz home in the country Friday evening. They will meet at the church and all go from there.

Mrs. Noel Bartley who has been convalescing at the home of her aunt, Mrs. Elzie Thomas, left Monday for her home at Roodehouse, Ill., accompanied by her small daughter, Mary. She had fully recovered from her recent operation.

While driving home from Hiawatha Tuesday evening Henry Bailey, Ethel Davis, Fred Dean and Pearl Davis met with an accident that might have proved serious, when the car turned over between Fairview and Sabetha. Fred Dean was driving the Ford and the only reason they could see for the accident was a flat tire that made the car slide down and turn over into the ditch beside the road. All four were pinned under the car. Ethel Davis was burned on the face and neck quite badly from the acid from the batteries. The other three got out with only slight bruises. The car was set up out of the ditch, and being a Ford it started right off and they traveled on home.

Meno Steiner sported the street with more crates and egg cases than he used to haul when he was store keeper at Price. He is now a farmer and big chicken producer on the Gaston farm south of Morrill.

The Rock Island has put on a special stock train which leaves Sabetha every Tuesday in time to make the Kansas City market Wednesday. This weekly train was put on July 4. It gets to Horton at 6:30, to Topeka at 10 p.m. and Kansas City Wednesday morning at 4. This special train was put on for the accommodation of stock feeders of this vicinity.

75 Years

Wednesday, July 2, 1947

One stolen car found. Daylight theft of two automobiles in downtown Sabetha Tuesday morning, and recovery of one later that day, highlighted the news this week. Within an hour Dwight George’s 1935 Ford coach was stolen from in front of the Mishler Chevrolet Co. and Mrs. Garth Brinkworth’s 1939 Ford coach was taken from beside the Duckwall store in the same block. Mrs. Brinkworth saw her car being driven away but was unable to describe the thief. Cameron Nickels, mechanic at the Mishler Implement Co. saw a young man drive off in the George auto. Both cars headed west on Main street. Mayor McQuillen and the police force immediately notified the Kansas Highway Patrol and the sheriffs at Seneca and at Auburn, Neb., and a general alarm was broadcast. Tuesday afternoon the George car was found abandoned near the coal chute at the Union Pacific tracks in Sabetha. It had been ransacked, but nothing of value had been taken and no damage inflicted. It apparently had not been driven far. The Brinkworth car was a black coach, with license number 34-1375. Its description has been broadcast widely, and the search is continuing over the two-state area.

Famous jumping team to appear. The world-famous Army Equestrian Team from Fort Riley, better known as the Olympic jumping team, will stage a demonstration at the Sabetha horse show Saturday night, July 26, G.E. Baskett, show manager, learned this week. One of the finest jumping teams in the country, this team has staged exhibitions in Madison Square Garden, and will go into training shortly for next year’s Olympic games.

50 Years

Thursday, July 6, 1972

The Tuesday issue of The Herald carried an incorrect price on an item in the Safeway Store advertisement. Northern Bathroom Tissue was listed at “4 roll pack 23c” the correct price is 33c.

Sunday dinner guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Halbert were Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Shafer and family, Mrs. Eldon Rokey, Lisa, Paige and Scott, Charles Halbert.

25 Years

Wednesday, July 2, 1997

Spending bills passed by both the U.S. House and Senate designed to balance the federal government’s budget by 2002 will put the squeeze on Sabetha Community Hospital. Rita Buurman, Sabetha Community Hospital administrator, said the changes to Medicare included in the balanced budget plans would reduce the amount of revenue the hospital receives from Medicare payments by $1.4 million from 1998 through 2002.

The Kansas Department of Transportation has expectations for U.S. Highway 75 that makes the proposed local improvements necessary, a Kansas Department of Transportation official told those attending the Sabetha Chamber of Commerce’s annual meeting last week. Jim Jones, 1961 Sabetha High School graduate and current director of KDOT’s division of operations, addressed about 90 people during the Chamber event June 24 in the Apostolic Christian Village West Dining Room.

A majority of the Sabetha City Commission is now on record for supporting the relocation and bypass of U.S. Highway 75 that has been proposed by the Kansas Department of Transportation. Although Commissioner Ron Brooks joined commissioners Doug Clark and Stan Remmers in realignment Monday, there was no vote by the commission to go on record with that support.

10 Years

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A heat wave takes over Sabetha as temperatures hit the triple digits. At 5:39 p.m. Thursday, June 28, the temperature reached 108 degrees. Temperatures all over the state reached triple digits last week.

The Kansas Department of Revenue, Division of Vehicles has asked law enforcement to extend a two-week grace period for drivers with tags expiring June 30. The grace period will extend to July 13 and will apply to those with last names starting with H or I, or vehicle with 30-day temporary tags expiring June 30. Area counties have had fewer problems with tag renewal than other more densely populated counties.

Starting July 1, licensed retail stores in Kansas are able to offer taste tests of their wares in the shop, and bars and restaurants will be able to offer happy hour drink specials. Suppliers are able to participate in tasting events hosted by a store. While there are no limits on the size or number of samples one person may receive, the samples must be consumed in the store. Layla Giorgakopoulos, who along with her husband Gus owns G&L Wine and Spirits Shoppe in Sabetha, said she believes these changes could benefit her business.

Signs commemorating the career of a long-time Kansas lawman were unveiled at a ceremony on Wednesday, June 27, in Corning. The signs designate a 17-mile stretch of Kansas Highway 9 in Nemaha and Jackson counties as the David Mee Memorial Highway. In 2012, the Kansas legislature passed H.B. 2509, introduced by Randy Garber, designating the highway, and Governor Brownback signed the bill into law this past spring.

The Prairie hills USD No. 113 Board of Education met in special session Thursday, June 28, at the district office. The purpose of the meeting was to approve a contract for Janelle Boden as Wetmore Academic Center principal for the 2012-2013 school year. The board approved a one-year contract for Boden at a salary of $63,000. Boden has taught special education at Wetmore for the past 18 years.

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