Sheriff warns of pop-up scam

Recently, I have had a number of complaints from citizens about a “pop-up ad” randomly showing up on their computer screen that disables the computer. The ad states that their computer has been locked and disabled by windows and gives a number to call in order to repair. It will appear that it is being sent by “Windows,” and looks to be somewhat official; however, it is not being sent by “Windows.” This is a scam!

At times, this “pop-up ad” is accompanied by a number of other pop-ups, and disables the use of the computers. Several citizens have called the number listed on the ad, and have been advised there is a fee associated with unlocking the computer and they want the ability to have remote access to your computer to fix the problem, as well as your bank account information to pay for their service.

At this time, all those who have reported have not given out their bank information to pay for that fee. Be advised, if you should agree to this, you are giving complete strangers full access to everything you have on your computer, which includes any and all confidential information. I am alerting the public to not give out your banking information. If you do, they will use this info to drain your bank  accounts.

If you feel you have been made a victim of this scam, notify your local law enforcement at once. If you have this type of scam show up on your computer, contact someone who has experience in dealing with these types of issues.

Emergency Information Child ID Kits

I would like to inform all parents and caregivers that we have child emergency ID kits available free of charge in the lobby of the Sheriff’s office. These kits are commonly referred to as Ident-a-kid packets. These kits are all self contained, meaning everything is included in these kits to obtain fingerprints and DNA from your child for your safekeeping in the event your child should be lost, injured or abducted.

The kit contains emergency information, fingerprint card with non-toxic ink strip, sterile cotton swabs and DNA storage bag, information wallet card, safety tips and complete instructions — which all stores in a clear plastic sleeve. I urge all parents and caregivers to utilize these kits on behalf of child safety. After completion, you the parents keep this information in a secure area in the event it is ever needed.

We will also have these kits available on Tuesday, Aug. 2, at National Night out. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Pictured is the Child Emergency Information card included in the Ident-a-kid kit distributed by the Brown County Sheriff’s Office.


Pictured are the contents of the Ident-a-kid Child Emergency Information kit being distributed by the Brown County Sheriff’s Office.

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John Merchant currently serves as Brown County (Kansas) Sheriff.

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