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125 Years

Thursday, August 5, 1897

An attempt was made to burglarize Graham Bros. store at Hiawatha, one night last week. The burglars were frightened away before securing any booty.

Mrs. John Newman is enjoying a visit from her sisters, Misses Maudie and Nellie Peret, of Wetmore. They came last Thursday and will remain a week or ten days before returning home.

School District 62, Berwick, reelected A. B. Lanning clerk, voted 7 mills levy, and voted in favor of 8 months school and teacher with first grade certificate. Miss Dora Wilkins has been secured as teacher.

Monday morning while J.H. Miller was attempting to mount the scaffold in the G.A.R. hall the ladder slipped, throwing him to the floor and breaking his left arm at the wrist. Mr. Miller carries his arm in a sling, but says he will be as good as ever in a few days.

It only costs two dollars to be a “Coming man of America,” Sammy Lininger sent that amount to an association in Chicago, and has a certificate with gold seals entitling him to membership. This is an expeditious and economical way of getting your name inscribed on the roll of fame.

100 Years

Thursday, August 3, 1922

J. W. Wendel manager of the Sabetha Auditorium has sold his interest in his Victoria Theatre at Hiawatha to a syndicate which owns 2,000 picture houses and theatres over the middle west. The company owns every picture house in Lincoln, and the prospect is for some fine plays in Hiawatha. Mr. Wendel’s health has been poor this summer, but he is improved now. His interests are centered in Sabetha and Horton now and the prospects for some fine theatrical attractions are in the offering for the fall season.

Mrs. Ida Meisner has a fetching arrangement of flowers. The cement bannisters of the steps, leading to her country home, have flower boxes dug right into them. They are filled with flowers and are beautiful.

The twelve miles of highway straight north out of Topeka on the Capital route in Shawnee county is to be paved. Last year the road was graded, bridged and prepared for paving. The Shawnee county board intends to make this twelve miles of concrete paving the best in Shawnee county. It is said part of the paving will be completed this year. It is reported the Jackson county commissioners may improve ten miles of the Capital route. The Capital highway has more miles of surfaced road than any other north and south highway between Rock mountains and the Mississippi river.

Miss Dora Adraince is the travelling editor of this district. She is taking the month’s tour with the National editorial association thru the northwest including Yellowstone Park and Glacier Park, Miles, Montana, and all sorts of places. There have been Frontier shows, roundups, wild wests and Indians doing stunts all over three states for the editors. Miss Adriance will not be home for a week or so yet.

75 Years

Wednesday, July 30, 1947

Hughes Rudd to Sunday Star. Hughes Rudd, former Herald reporter now with the Kansas City Star, has been promoted from the news desk to the Sunday Star desk, where he is doing feature work and book reviews. He covered the Joan Caulfield story a couple of weeks ago when the actress was in Kansas City for the penny ice fund campaign and wrote cutlines for pictures of Dewey when he was in Kansas City. He had a by-line in the Sunday Star on a story a week ago about Miss Ruth Shaw of Topeka, originator of finger painting, and another in last Sunday’s Star. He expects to be in this vicinity this week to write a story about Uncle Amos, the cabinet maker of Reserve.

Freight cars derailed. A freight car loaded with wheat en route to market was derailed and overturned on the Rock Island line northwest of town, Friday night, ruining a stretch of track and derailing two other cars. These, another car and the caboose were cut loose and left behind, and the train continued eastbound. A wrecker came out from Fairbury Saturday morning, and by evening the cars had all been moved back to Berwick and the track repaired. The overturned car was lifted back on the track with the loss of only about 150 bushels of wheat.

50 Years

Thursday, August 3, 1972

Uniforms for physical education classes at the Junior High School will be as follows: girls will be permitted to wear blue shorts and white blouses or the regulation blue physical education uniform. Boys will need blue gym shorts and white T-shirts. All students taking physical education will need gym shoes.

By Royce Hamrick. I’ve noticed that bicycle craze that’s going around the country has had an affect on the street traffic of Sabetha. On any given day, especially toward evening, you’re lucky to see any one of a number of “older folks” (over 16) pumping their way merrily along the byways. ‘Hey, there goes old Wally Ragan. Is that Lavon Wenger peddling his way to work? Gee, Mrs. Gary McDaniel sure is a steady rider.’ This new emphasis may stem from the pollution control concern or maybe it’s just more people aware of the need for exercise. Whatever, phrases like “10 speed,” “5 speed,” “3 speed,” “derailer gears,” “capipher brakes,” “lightweight frame,” “touring models” vs. “racing models” are becoming household terms.

25 Years

Wednesday, July 30, 1997

The presence and appeals of the president and past president of the Sabetha EMT Association at Monday’s City Commission meeting may have helped start negotiations between the city and Dave Emert for the purchase of the ambulance service.

A newly formed support group will help area residents deal with one of the most difficult transitions a family can face. The Sabetha Community Hospital and the Sabetha Residential Care Center are sponsoring a Parenting Your Parent Support Group beginning next week. As the name implies, the group will focus on the issues and concerns of those who provide care to elderly family members.

10 Years

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Construction on the 15,480-square foot facility at the junction of U.S. Highway 75 and U.S. Highway 36 in Fairview is now complete. Keim Fleet Services, L.L.C., owned by Dylan Keim, had its grand opening Friday, June 15. The project began in the fall of 2011 and was complete June 1. Thieme Construction Company was the contractor for the construction project. “We offer washing services for commercial trucks, trailers and ag equipment,” general manager Carl Keim said. “We are a distributor for northeast and north-central Kansas for new Michelin, BF Goodrich tires and Michelin Retread Technologies (MRT) retread tires.”

“The main goal is to offer the best education possible for every type of student learner. Without that goal, nothing else matters,” new superintendent Bill Orth cited as his motto on education. Orth took his seat at the Prairie Hills USD No. 113 superintendent’s desk Monday, July 2. He and his wife, Carol, are making their home in Sabetha. With 10 years of experience as a superintendent, Orth also brings 27 years of experience in education. He held previous superintendencies at USD No. 451 B & B, USD No. 387 Altoona-Midway and most recently, USD No. 420 Osage City.

Annotate your calendar now, and save the date! On Saturday, Nov. 17, the Sabetha Veterans of Foreign Wars Memorial Post No. 7285 will host a presentation by Navajo Code Talker Samuel Tom Holiday. Holiday is one of the few remaining Navajo Code Talkers, who contribution to the U.S. combat operations in the Pacific Theater of Operations during World War II was invaluable in the United States military achieving victory over Japanese forces.

The Association of Community Mental Health Centers of Kansas Inc. (the Association), which includes Kanza Mental Health and Guidance Center in Hiawatha, has been selected for participation in the Same Day Access Multistate Initiative by the National Council on Community and Behavioral Health (NCCBH). The objective of this 12-month multi-state initiative, which will involve about 50 community behavioral health organizations is to: Assist organizations in designing and implementing strategies that will assess current intake and assessment processes and re-design to reduce client wait times; Develop cost effective intake and assessment forms that are compliant with federal, state and regulatory requirements and that are financially viable; Implement strategies such as centralized scheduling and concurrent documentation in order to increase treatment capacity; Better engage clients and thus reduce no-show and cancel rates.

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