Brown County Commission 08.01.2022

Submitted by Dawn Boyles

County Clerk

The Board of Brown County Commissioners met in regular session on Monday, Aug. 1, with the following members present: Chairman Lamar Shoemaker, William Pollock and Richard Lehmkuhl. Also present was Brown County Clerk Dawn Boyles. County Attorney Kevin Hill was present for a portion of the meeting. All recited the Pledge of Allegiance. Commissioner Pollock led the meeting with a prayer.

Tim Lentz, Dennis Ross and Jennifer West, Horton Industrial Development Committee, discussed the possibility of a cut of county appropriated funds for industrial development.

Department Reports

Road and Bridge Secretary Tami Lehmkuhl discussed the repair timeline on the distributor.

Courthouse janitor Dave Schuetz explained the bill from Kyle’s Tree Service to the board.

Boyles presented the 2023 District Court Budget to the commissioners for signatures.

Also at the meeting:

The commissioners approved the July 25 minutes with the following correction:

“Brown County Attorney Hill requested a 20-minute executive session. Motion by Richard Lehmkuhl for a 20-minute executive session on attorney client privilege with the three commissioners, County Attorney Kevin Hill and Attorney Patrick Hughes of Adams Jones Law Firm present on attorney client privilege executive session necessary to protect privacy interests. Seconded by Lamar Shoemaker. Closed 8:19 a.m. Opened 8:39 a.m. No binding action was taken.”

The commissioners held a 10-minute executive session to discuss personnel matters of non-elected personnel with executive session necessary to protect privacy interests, with the three commissioners present. No binding action was taken.

The next regular meeting was held Monday, Aug. 8, 2022. These minutes were not available at The Herald’s press time.



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