Hattie Ann’s Attic is now open

Susan Gudenkauf, owner of Hattie Ann’s Attic, stands in her new store on Friday, August 5.

Susan believes that “Sabetha needs a variety of stores” and Hattie Ann’s will fill that void on Main Street perfectly.

Tom and Susan Gudenkauf are the proud owners of Hattie Ann’s Attic — an eclectic market — open now at 902 Main Street in Sabetha.

Susan — who likes going to vintage markets and stores — decided she wanted to open a shop of her own.

“I enjoy going to different markets in different states. So, I decided to open one of my own,” Susan said. “Hattie Ann’s is a boutique store and has boutique type items, new items, repurposed items and vintage items.”

At first, Tom and Susan did not know what they would use the building on Main Street for, but they didn’t want another store sitting empty.

This display of Fourth of July items decorate Hattie Ann’s Attic on Friday, August 5.

“We decided last summer to open Hattie Ann’s,” Susan said. “We purchased the building when it went up on the sheriff’s auction with no plan in mind, we just knew we were tired of seeing the building sit empty and being neglected.”

There will also be apartments on the upper level to rent.

“We are in the process now of renovating the upstairs into a two bedroom apartment,” Susan said.

This photo shows the note written on the plaster inside The Hughes Building. The note reads, “July 1, 1957 Hughes Dream. April 61 – Did whole store over and added 18’ to west. Dick Hughes.”

“On the building, you will see a sign that reads ‘The Hughes Building,’” Susan explained why she and Tom gave it that name. “We named it [The Hughes Building] in memory of Dick Hughes and his family who ran Hughes Clothing for several decades. They were very influential in Sabetha. The store was originally just in the east building, then they [the Hugheses] purchased the west building and renovated it to become one large store. When we got the building, we turned it back into two separate store fronts and in the process of renovating the east side, we found the original door they closed in on the east wall and a note written on the plaster. The note read ‘July 1, 1957 Hughes Dream. April 61 Did whole store over and added 18’ to west. Dick Hughes.’”

The name of the shop comes from Susan’s maternal grandmother’s first name, Hattie, and her mother’s middle name, Ann. Two women that Susan highly respects.

“While growing up, we spent a lot of time going to Summerfield to Grandma and Grandpa Frazee’s house,” Susan said. “Hattie and Mary Ann were two of the strongest women I have ever known, and they could both cook some of the best food and they both made quilts. My grandma made over 230 quilts and quilt tops, all by hand. My mother made lots of our clothes growing up and made lots of quilt tops — we never got an official count.”

These items are on display for purchase at Hattie Ann’s Attic on Friday, August 5.

Tom and Susan hope their store will help bring more people to downtown Sabetha.

The hours of operation for Hattie Ann’s Attic will vary — opening for different markets and by appointment — also beginning Saturday, Aug. 20, they will be open every other Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

About Tom and Susan

Tom was raised in the country near Seneca and Susan was raised in Sabetha. They have two children, Katlynn and Tyler. Tom and Susan also own Downtown Coffee Co. and P&J Solid Waste Management.

The Hughes Building now houses the new Hattie Ann’s Attic on Friday, August 5.
These items are on display for purchase at Hattie Ann’s Attic on Friday, August 5.

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