Limestone Lodge offers log cabin atmosphere in downtown Sabetha

The Lierz family stands in the doorway of the Limestone Lodge. Pictured are (L-R) Ryan Lierz, Amber Lierz, Eli, Aiden, Leo and Jase.

Owners Ryan and Amber Lierz will soon be able to provide a unique lodging experience to area visitors. The lodge is located at 1012 Main Street — a prime location within walking distance to area businesses and parks.

It seems there is a new trend of travelers who are opting for a more exclusive overnight stay away from home and the Lierz family is counting on it.

“With all the industry around Sabetha, business men and women are constantly traveling to town,” Ryan said. “We truly believe a portion of those people would like to stay at a unique and more personable AirBnB rather than just another hotel room. Aside from that, we hope the lodge will attract people right to downtown Sabetha where they can see what the town has to offer. We anticipate this will become a staple for the downtown community and will help bring strangers into other downtown businesses. We are also optimistic that our lodge will provide a great location for anybody with ties to town to return for a visit or local event.”

The Planning Stage

This design shows a top view floor plan of how the rooms will be divided in the Limestone Lodge.

Sometimes greater things come together when plans don’t work out the way we intended, as it did with Ryan and Amber’s business venture.

“The main reason we purchased the building in October 2021 was to convert the top space into apartments — as we see a need for rentals in our community. Our original plan was to rent out the two spaces on the main level for local businesses and focus our time on remodeling the upstairs. However, as weeks turned into months, we did more brainstorming and around December 2021, we decided to go all in on creating a lodge on the main level,” Amber said.

Ryan further explained how their mindset changed from renting out apartments and a business space to shifting ideas into a cabin-style AirBnB.

This 3D image shows the design of the first room in the Limestone Lodge, with the bed in the loft and beams over the rest of the room.

“The journey of owning this building has so far been very fluid and dynamic,” Ryan said. “We had an itch to purchase this place mainly for hopes of rental income originally, but didn’t have a concrete plan. After some initial interest, but no sign of a committed tenant for the business spaces, we started considering all of our options. The thought of renting the small side out as a short term rental, such as an AirBnB, crossed our minds, just to get some income coming in. At that point, we started looking into the main floor further, which lead to the discovery of the tall ceilings and the realization that a loft would be possible. The excitement of offering a loft-style rental really resonated with us and we definitely felt that was the route we wanted to take.

The loft-style bodes well with our preference of nice farmhouse style beams and peaked ceilings, but the idea of a wooden lodge theme came from the ‘downtown cabin’ oxymoron. To make that idea a reality meant a lot of work on the main level for just the smaller business space, but also spilled over into affecting the larger business side as well. At that point, we made the decision to expand on our plans and use the entire main level for a multi-room short-term rental. So that initial loft idea morphed and expanded into our current game plan: three loft-style log cabin rooms that we plan to put on AirBnB.

While we have a goal now, we are still very fluid about the final details and how everything will come together. Ultimately, we want to provide an exceptional place to stay right in downtown Sabetha that makes you feel like you are staying at a place outside of town.”


The Limestone Lodge will offer three different rooms in order to attract a wide spectrum of possible renters.

“Every lodge will have a log cabin feel with real wood walls, ceilings and beams, a fireplace, and a loft area where the bed will be,” Amber said. “The first lodge will be the smallest and will be perfect for a single person or couple with just a queen bed, microwave, mini fridge and shower. The second lodge will be slightly larger with a king bed, larger bathroom vanity and tub shower. It will also have a tiny kitchenette and hide-a-bed couch, making it a good option for a couple or small family. The third lodge will be the largest with two beds up on the loft, a kitchenette and tub shower. This would be ideal for families or possibly friends that want to room together.”


As business owners, Ryan and Amber quickly found out just how unpredictable starting up a business can be.

“This entire journey has been a family affair,” Amber said. “Originally, we planned to do a lot of the remodel work, knowing that hiring contractors would be too costly for our single income family of six. Ryan has done construction work in the past and is taking on most of the work himself — with the rest of the family helping where we can. For this reason, the process will inevitably take longer than hiring contractors to do the work.

It seems we are constantly bombarded with questions of when will we open, and while we would love to have a better answer, the best we can say right now is ‘as soon as we can.’ Only working nights and weekends on the Lodge, global supply chain issues and unexpected surprises of remodeling an old building have all played into things taking longer than we had hoped.”

Lierz Family

The Lierz family lives in Sabetha with their four boys, Aiden (9), Leo (6), Jase (3) and Eli (turning one this month).

Ryan works at Schenck Process as a Process Controls Engineer. Previously, Amber worked at the Sabetha Hospital as a surgery nurse and the Hiawatha Family Practice Clinic. Amber left her career as nurse to be a full-time stay-at-home mom after their third child was born and then began a new journey of homeschooling her children after COVID hit.

They are constantly on-the-go with all the energy of four young boys. They are active in the Sacred Heart Catholic Church and the Knights of Columbus. The boys love to be creative and go to monthly art classes on Main Street as well as being outdoors.

Throughout the year, the boys enjoy being involved in sports including baseball, soccer and wrestling and are active with cub scouts and 4-H. Ryan and Amber are hopeful that, as their boys get older, they will have more chances to travel as a family for fun and education.

Stay Tuned

Ryan and Amber expect to open the Limestone Lodge to visitors in the fall of this year. They will open one unit at a time as the accommodations are completed. A great way to keep up with their progress is by following their journey on Facebook at Limestone Lodge and Instagram at LimestoneLodge_Sabetha.

This photo depicts the newly remodeled front of the Limestone Lodge, located on Main Street, which is slated to open later this fall.

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