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125 Years

Thursday, September 30, 1897

T.W. Bundy has sold his pump and windmill business to Austin & Hollister, who will continue it. Mr. Austin is an experienced pump man, having been in the business a number of years before coming to Kansas. Don’t fail to call on them when wanting anything in that line. You will get prompt service and the lowest prices.

Austin & Hollister have bought the Wheeler lot south of Hamman’s store. Possession is to be given tomorrow. They will move off the building used by Wickham & Wilson as a carpenter shop and will put up a building 16×60 covered with corrugated iron, into which they will move the pump supplies bought of T. W. Bundy.

Hunters should look out a little. Farmers are complaining, and some one will have to pay a fine one of these days. Many hunters are probably not aware that they are liable to prosecution for hunting along the highway without the consent of the owners of adjoining premises.

There was a stoppage of work on the city building last week, due to one of the brick layers striking for higher wages. Work has been resumed and the walls are going up rapidly under the hands of Jacob Bernet and Adam Cramer. 

100 Years

Thursday, September 28, 1922

The high school students with the help of Professor Postma have made a new tennis court on the school grounds. The number wishing to play tennis could not be accommodated on the one court.

Earl Drown recently convicted in the district-court at Seneca of violating the prohibitory law has disappeared, leaving his bondsmen, Howard Spiker and Dave Ralston, holding the sack each for $500. He was under $1,000 bond. The bondsmen have until October 23rd to produce Drown. Drown has a wife and three children whom he left. D. W. Drown, Earl’s father, says he believes the boy will return.

Nine students from Nemaha county have enrolled for the fall semester at the Kansas State Normal School here. The following students are enrolled from Nemaha County: Marcella Zora, Darby Armista, Nellie Williamson, Cecil David Snyder, Mary Jane Spears and Viola Pearl Croffoot, of Sabetha; June Herold, Mary Margaret Gaston and Gertrude Allison, of Seneca, and Eva Pearle Jones of Goff.

Hay, what a day was Sunday. Two tournaments, weather heavenly, and then on top of that your kin picks out this day to come and see you and you are off tournamenting, and the end of a perfect day is spoiled, and you are even mad you won the ball games and the golf tourney. Your first Sunday out of the house in six weeks too. Shoot it.

Mr. and Mrs. Levi Stevens have returned from their Colorado trip. Miss Marguerite Hill will be home the last of the week from Denver. She has been visiting her cousin who has a handsome town house in Denver and a ranch home not far away, so she has been enjoying all varieties of pleasures, including horseback rides on bucking bronchoes, and such things.

75 Years

Wednesday, September 24, 1947

Night light plant engine has been shipped. The new diesel engine for the municipal light plant which has been awaited for many months has been shipped and is expected to arrive momentarily according to Charles A Darby, city engineer. The foundation in the east end of the plant for the new engine has been in place for some months and the diesel can be installed immediately upon its arrival. The new engine has an output capacity of 800 kilowatts. The smallest engine now in the plant, a 200-k w. machine is no longer adequate to handle valley loads and will be removed leaving the city with three engines with respective capacities of 400, 600 and 800 kilowatts a net of 600. The space now occupied by the small engine in the west part of the plant will be used for additional switchboard equipment when it arrives.

Another cold wave hits. After temperatures ranging as high as 94 the last of the week, another cold wave moved in Saturday and Sunday reaching a low of 45 Monday. Rain totaling .11 inch fell Saturday night, leaving the ground excessively dry.

50 Years

Thursday, September 28, 1972

It was announced this week that Sabetha High School enrollment will place them in Class AA this year rather than Class AAA as they have been the past few years. Last year SHS was the smallest AAA school in Kansas with an enrollment of 238 students. This year enrollment is 240, but the cutoff point went up to 251 for Class AAA which includes 64 schools. The largest 15 schools are in class 5-A, the next 32 schools are in class 4-A, and the next 64 in class 3-A. THe next 128 largest schools enrollmentwise are in 2-A and the remaining smallest schools in the state are in class 1-A.

Friday, Oct. 6, the Sabetha Bluejays will be playing the Nemaha Valley Raiders. During half-time, the 1972 Homecoming Queen who will reign over the game and during the dance will be announced.

25 Years

Wednesday, September 24, 1997

Last Wednesday night, the Northeast Kansas Regional Airport Committee found out what landowners thought of the lines it had put on paper. Members of the committee, consultants and representatives from the Kansas Department of Transportation met with landowners of the two proposed sites for the future airport and other interested individuals at a public meeting in Fairview. During its early hours, the meeting overwhelmed the rooms in the Fairview Country Side Apartments in which it was conducted. Lines stretched into the hallway and to the sidewalk in front of the building.

The Nemaha County Commission has once again promised the Bern Apostolic Church to pave 5 miles of the Church Road, and this time it appears that it will hpapen. Church board members Rodney Strahm, James Menold and Wayne Edelman met with the commission about the project Monday. Edelman said after the meeting the church’s willingness to pay for $60,000 of the project’s $140,000 estimated cost still stands if the county moves on the project now.

10 Years

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Sabetha City Commission met at 6 p.m. Monday, Sept. 24. The commissioners approved Ordinance No. 1481 regarding the possession, consumption and sale of cereal malt beverages on public property. The amendment basically allows the commissioners to approve special permits or approve rental agreements allowing the possession, consumption and/or sale of cereal malt beverages on public property. Next, Commissioner Julie Burenheide updated the board of the Beautification Committee. She said the committee — which includes City Administrator Doug Allen and Burenheide, as well as residents Doug Leiker, Gay McClain, Gary Brownlee, Norma Brownlee and Amber Deters — held its first meeting. Burenheide said that the committee’s main goal is to set up a program that gives people who need help keeping up with mowing grass or other chores a way to ask for and get help.

For the past few years, students at Sabetha High School have been without a voice — not literally, but figuratively. But now, all of that is changing. The Sabetha High Spokesman, the newly re-created school newspaper, will publish its first issue on Wednesday, Sept. 26. Copies will be made available to students at school, and to the public as a special supplement to The Sabetha Herald. A wide variety of in-depth stories can be found in the first issue, ranging from Homecoming coverage to information about school lunches and ACT scores. Since the decline and eventual end of The Jay Journal a few years ago, the school has gone without a student newspaper. At the end of the 2011-12 school year, the school administration took steps to change that.

“I decided to become a math teacher because of family members and teachers that have had a positive influence in my life,” Josh Wertenberger said. “My hope is to have the same type of influence on my students. Math is a subject area that I’ve enjoyed and feel is important for all students,” he said. “My goal is to assist them in their education so that they have the background necessary to meet their future goals.” Wertenberger is teaching seventh-grade math, pre-algebra, VPL and Math Concepts 1 at Sabetha Middle School. This is his eighth year of teaching.

Sabetha native Christopher Bauerle recently took the position of teaching agriscience, animal science, agribusiness and agriculture mechanics at Sabetha High School. He will also teach seventh- and eighth-grade technology classes. He will become the sponsor of the FFA chapter. Bauerle was born in Sabetha and grew up on a small family farm south of U.S. Highway 36. He was very active during high school in 4-H and FFA.



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