Letter to the Editor: To the citizens of Fairview

Dear Editor,

This November will be a historic event for the citizens of Fairview. On the November ballot there will be a question for a sales tax for the City of Fairview. This is NOT property tax and is only charged on purchases made within the City of Fairview. This 1/2 percent tax can be used for general revenue for the city. Sometimes people say, “what are you doing for me?” Some of the things are as simple as the streets you drive on. Other things are the Fire Department, City sewer system, Street lights, City Park with ball field, Community Center, rural water system, winter snow removal, tree and brush disposal site. With all of this comes maintenance. Our streets must be chip and sealed. The Park must be mowed. The sewer system kept flowing, as well as the upkeep of our buildings. A few years ago, the City passed an ordinance to assist property owners with demolition costs of houses and buildings. This has been a well-received program and is currently assisting two property owners. Fairview has hired a code enforcement officer to help keep the city clean as well as safe. Her work is showing as property around town is getting cleaned up, painted and mowed.

This sales tax can be used for all of this to keep our property tax low. Fairview has one of the lowest mill levies for property tax in the State. We have tried to get Grants and Awards but most of the time we are told, “if you need something just raise your taxes.” As Mayor I don’t think Fairview “needs” anything to continue being a great town to live in. Do we have things that need attention? Yes. The City has purchased some run-down property in town and this needs to be revitalized. Our park buildings need upgrades with a new roof on the large shelter house. Our storm drains in town are backing up. The property owners downtown had awnings destroyed last December and these need replaced. With additional funding, I feel the city could assist with this project. 

Other goals to achieve could be some new playground equipment in the park, additional funding for the Fire Department, park rainwater drainage and improvements to the Community Center such as parking lot and outdoor seating area. I would push for a city-wide trash service to be started in town. This could be done with little to no cost to the citizens. All of this could happen with a YES vote from the voters of Fairview. A NO vote would not allow Fairview to achieve these goals. This tax would be income from all over the country by people visiting Fairview. I predict the City’s projected income from this sales tax could be as much as $20,000 a year. Will it impact the citizens of Fairview? Yes, my meal at the Cozy will go up 6 cents. A dinner for two at Hack’s will go up about 40 cents. An average $20,000 vehicle tax will be $100 higher. 

As the Mayor and a good friend to most of you PLEASE go to the poll this year and vote. The question on the ballot is this:

Shall the City of Fairview, Kansas, be authorized to impose a one-half percent (0.50%) Citywide retailers’ sales tax (the “Sales Tax”), the proceeds of which shall be used to finance City infrastructure and improvements and to provide mill levy support, the collection of the Sales Tax to commence on April 1, 2023, or as soon thereafter as permitted by law; all pursuant to K.S.A. 12-187 et seq., as amended?


Art Vonderschmidt

Fairview Mayor

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